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The Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Student Society
Ecsess logo.png
Lounge: Trottier 1060
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ECSESS/
Website: https://ecsess.mcgilleus.ca/
Email: ecsess.vpcomm@mcgilleus.ca
The Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Student Society (ECSESS)  is a student organisation representing over 1000 students within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill. ECSESS is dedicated to improving student life and making students time in McGill Engineering as memorable as possible. ECSESS aims to support its' students academically, professionally, technically and socially. 

ECSESS strives to provide the best for ECSE students by representing them on the department and faculty levels and voicing all concerns and suggestions. We organise lots of academic events to connect you with your professors and advisors. Building networks and helping you land internships and jobs are also big parts of our mission so we organise lots of networking events in Montreal and in other cities! We also aim to cater to our students’ social needs. Attending our social events will only lead to great memories and friends! Furthermore, we host destress events throughout the semester for our students to take a break and relax. Last but not least, we also try to help you gain technical skills so we organise technical development events like workshops and McGill’s largest engineering hackathon CodeJam!

We also control various student spaces in Trottier! Come hangout in our lounge at Trottier 1060 or visit us in the Factory at Trottier 0080 which is our hardware design lab for developing personal projects, gaining experience with the latest hardware or just brainstorming ideas with fellow students. 

How do you join ECSESS? You’re already a part of us, just being an ECSE student gives you access to all of our awesome events and resources! Interested to get even more involved? Good news is we’re always looking for more hands on deck. You can join our student council, first year committee ECSESSbits, one of our subcommittees or our volunteers group to help us execute our events!

To stay up to date with our upcoming events, make sure to keep an eye out for our weekly newsletter, follow us on our Facebook page and join your respective year group on facebook!

Have a suggestion / concern / feedback about any of your courses, our events, Trottier building or any other thing that affects ECSE students? You can fill out our Feedback Form!

Social Events

Every year we organise various events catering to our students' social needs! Attending our social events will only lead to great memories and friends!

First Year Welcome Party

Hosted in early September, ECSESS invites all of its incoming U0/U1 students to its Welcome Party to congratulate them on their acceptance into McGill, to meet their student council, learn about opportunities to get involved within ECSE, enjoy some free food and meet their fellow classmates! 🍕

Coffee House

Coffee House 2014
Coffee House 2014
ECSESS Coffee House is held in the EUS Common Room. 🎶 Come warm up to a nice cup of coffee, have some sweets, and enjoy some of your classmates' amazing musical talents. Everyone is welcome to perform any and all acts too!

Pancake Breakfasts

Our famous pancake breakfasts run once per semester and provide you with delicious breakfast food to fuel your hustle! You can grab and go to your early morning classes or enjoy your time at our lounge and chill with fellow ECSIES! Gluten free and vegan pancakes are available for the same prices as well. You BUTTER come!

Menu: 🥞

  • Regular Pancakes: 2 for $1 or 5 for $2 
  • Toppings (strawberries, bananas or chocolate chips): $0.50
  • Coffee: 1$

Blues Pub

ECSESS Peppa Party Blues 2020 (aka. Best Blues of All Times)
Twice a year, ECSESS hosts Blues Pub in the basement of the McConnell building, in the common room. 🍻 Come enjoy a beverage and a grilled cheese, try your hand at die games and socialize with fellow engineers and friendgineers.

Wine and Cheese

It's everyone's favourite event: Wine & Cheese!!!🍷🧀 Every year, ECSESS organises a wine and cheese to mingle with fellow students, profs and advisors on the Mezzanine and to supply you with wine, cheese and charcuterie along with non-alcoholic and vegan options!

Trivia Night

Teams of 4 compete in a prize and fun filled trivia night with questions related to topics such as ECSE, McGill, EUS, Geography and Entertainment! 📺 Free food is served and good times are guaranteed!


2018 Fall Banquet
Banquet is held twice a year, in a Montreal restaurant. It is a nice opportunity to wine and dine with your fellow classmates (and sometimes profs) to celebrate the end of the year with good food! The evening starts off with a fine dining experience and ends with an after-party with all EUS departments! 💃

Apartment Crawls

Every semester, usually around Halloween and St. Patrick's day and often in conjunction with MAME, ECSESS hosts apartment crawls! These events are very popular, where teams of around 10 people go around the Milton-Parc community, stopping at various apartments for foods, drinks and fun times!

Year Group Events

Every semester, ECSESS class representatives organise class socials targeting a specific year group! Previous events have included laser tag, movie nights, wing nights and board games nights! 🎳

Academic Events

In terms of academics, we voice all concerns and suggestions to the department and aim to connect you with your professors by hosting events like Academic Forums and Professor Speaker Series. 

Industry and Professor Speaker Series

Curious about what your professionals and professors do? 👩‍🏫 The industry and professor speaker series are a great way to discover their passions! Come hear them speak about their education, career path, research and interests.

Academic Forum

Academic Forum is a great place to voice your concerns, suggest improvements, and ask questions about your courses, curriculum, and workloads. ECSESS hosts the academic forum near the end of the Fall and Winter semesters.👩‍🎓

The academic forum is another way that you can anonymously provide feedback that will be documented and relayed to the professors and academic advisors. An academic report is drafted by your VP academic and submitted to both the department and the VP Academic of the EUS. The comments noted here often affect how the curriculum is formed in the future, as well as cause change to class organisation and workloads.

In attendance will be your Department Chair and Associate Chairs, as well as the Undergraduate Program Manager; sometimes professors will sit in on the forum too. This is a great opportunity not only to have your voice heard, but to hear how your peers are doing as well.

Networking Events

Building networks and helping you land internships and jobs are also big parts of our mission so we organise events like Company Crawls, Speed Networking and our annual industry trip ECSESSCapade! 


ECSESSCapade 2017 in Toronto

Are you looking for an internship or a full-time job? Do you want to connect with the engineering industry? ECSESS offers you the opportunity to visit some awesome companies in Canadian cities of high tech industry. 🚌 Companies in the past years included Shopify, Cisco, Ciena, Alcatel Lucent, IBM and more! Usually held in February, come join us and make connections and friends along the way!

Montreal Company Crawl

Looking for a job/internship in Montreal? 💼 Not sure which company has the best environment for you? ECSESS hosts two company crawls per year, where students go around to a few different companies and receive tours of the office and presentations on opportunities available for students. It's a great opportunity to present yourself to employers in person and make a great impression!

Speed Networking

ECSESS hosts two Speed Networking events in the Fall and Winter semesters respectively. 🏎 We host representatives from tech companies that provide valuable information regarding the industry and working with them. It is an excellent opportunity to network with recruiters and secure internships or full-time jobs at some of your favourite companies.

Technical Events



CodeJam 👩‍💻🍯 is a 48-hour team-based programming competition fuelled by great minds and energy drinks. McGill University's ECSESS collaborates with some of Montreal's biggest software companies to make a challenging, real-world application problem for you to solve. The yearly website can be found at codejam.mcgilleus.ca

Technical Workshops

We organise many workshops to help you excel in your classes and in the industry! Previous workshops have included coding language workshops, mini competitions in collaboration with companies (hardware, consulting, etc) and mock technical interviews. 💪

Destress Events

Destress with ECSESS

Every semester just before finals, we host de-stressing activities in our own lounge. Every day, we have various kinds of activities such as therapy dogs, painting, cookie decorating and give free foods like soup, fruits, pastries, sandwiches to our students. It’s an opportunity for student to relax and grab a quick bite! 🍵

Student Spaces

ECSESS tries to provide comfortable spaces for our students in our building Trottier. We are in charge of bookings of 5th floor rooms, our lounge in Trottier 1060 and our hardware design lab Factory!

The Lounge

The ECSESS Lounge

The ECSESS Lounge is located on the first floor of the Trottier building (TR 1060). 🛋 It is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. During those times, a member of the ECSESS Council will be hosting office hours and is available to answer questions, sell tickets for events or stamp posters so that they can be put on the Trottier bulletin boards. We have comfy couches, various video games, a foosball table, free tea and more! It is a popular hangout place for our students to chill between their classes.

5th Floor Study Rooms

Study rooms on the fifth floor in Trottier can be booked by students. Rooms 5103, 5014, 5015, 5106, 5107 are available on bookings.mcgilleus.ca, access with a Google account. As of May 2022 the rooms are no longer available for booking, but this option may return in the fall. Every room comes with a conference table and a blackboard. Chalk can be requested from an ECSESS council member in the Lounge (TR 1060) at anytime between 10am-4pm. 🖍 Room 5105 is the largest room and room 5103 is the smallest.
Email: thefactory@mcgilleus.ca
Address: Trottier Building 0080

The Factory

The Factory 🏭 is a hardware design lab run by students, for students in the department of Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering at McGill University. The Factory is a dedicated space in room 0080 of the Trottier building for developing personal projects, gaining experience with the latest hardware, or just brainstorming ideas with fellow students. The Factory aims to foster an environment of innovation and collaboration where the resources are provided to make your ideas become a reality.

The Factory's managerial committee consists of an

  • Head Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Workshop Planner
  • Communications Manager
  • General Managers.


Ever seen cute ECSESS/ECSE stickers on other people's laptops? Or people wearing nice McGill Engineering / ECSE hoodies / t-shirts etc? You can get free ECSESS stickers from our lounge or purchase nice clothing and patches to rep your department from the apparel sales we hold!

ECSESS Apparel Sale

We host two apparel sales in our Academic Year.🧢 Our first sale is hosted in November of the Fall Semester and our second sale is hosted in March of the Winter Semester. ECSESS offers two clothing brands in its apparel sale: Gildan and Bella Canvas. There are zip ups, hoodies, crew necks, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, baseball tees and many more exciting items available with embroidered McGill crest and/or student's majors!

Samples are available to try on in the lounge (TR 1060) from 10AM to 4PM throughout the year. We accept cash and online payments and ECSESS subsidies the tax amount for all of our undergraduate students!

Student Council

2018-2019 ECSESS Council 💚 (source)

The student council consists of an executive committee and yearly departmental representatives. The executives positions are:

  • President,
  • Vice President Finance,
  • Vice President Internal,
  • Vice President External,
  • Vice President Academic Affairs,
  • Vice President Administration,
  • Vice President Communications,
  • Vice President Technical Development.

The representatives positions consist of:

  • U0 rep
  • U1 EE Rep
  • U1 CE Rep
  • U1 SE Rep
  • U2 EE Rep
  • U2 CE Rep
  • U2 SE Rep
  • U3 EE Rep
  • U3 CE Rep
  • U3 SE Rep
  • U4 EE Rep
  • U4 CE Rep
  • U4 SE Rep


2023-2024 Council
Position: Name:
President Sehr Moosabhoy
VP Finance Mohammad Junaid Arif
VP Internal Xander Gott
VP External Allison Hall
VP Academic Alondra Karam
VP Administration Akos Borbath
VP Communications TBD Fall 2023
VP TechDev Matt McDonald
Mental Health and Equity Officer Sabrina Mansour
U0 Representative TBD Fall 2023
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative TBD Fall 2023
U1 Computer Engineering Representative TBD Fall 2023
U1 Software Engineering Representative TBD Fall 2023
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Cyril El Feghali
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Adam Corbier
U2 Software Engineering Representative Tessa Hason
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Noor Jetha
U3 Computer Engineering Representative Pinak Ghosh
U3 Software Engineering Representative Theo Ghanem
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Elsa Chelala
U4 Computer Engineering Representative Michelle Lee
U4 Software Engineering Representative Anika Kabir
2022-2023 Council
Position: Name:
President Anja Kroon
VP Finance Ryan Reszetnik
VP Internal Abe Arafat
VP External Mohammad Junaid Arif
VP Academic Yichen Wu
VP Administration Adam Corbier
VP Communications Allison Hall
VP TechDev Sehr Moosabhoy
Mental Health and Equity Officer Elsa Chelala
U0 Representative Kennedy Olsen
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative Karen Dakkak
U1 Computer Engineering Representative Xander Gott
U1 Software Engineering Representative Walid Aissa
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Graham Colquhoun
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Rebecca Elliott
U2 Software Engineering Representative Abdul Ali
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Alondra Karam
U3 Computer Engineering Representative Michelle Lee
U3 Software Engineering Representative Anika Kabir
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Rachel Tchinov
U4 Computer Engineering Representative Rajaa Boukhelif
U4 Software Engineering Representative Sunny Koul
2021-2022 Council
Position: Name:
President Katie Younge
VP Finance Ali Tahmasebi
VP Internal Zarif Ashraf Zidane
VP External Ricky Liu
VP Academic Anja Kroon
VP Administration Alondra Karam
VP Communications Sehr Moosabhoy
VP TechDev Georges Mourant
Mental Health and Equity Officer Kirollos Roufail
U0 Representative Allison Hall
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative Rebecca Elliott
U1 Computer Engineering Representative Ryan Reszetnik
U1 Software Engineering Representative Dakota Rolston
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Abe Arafat
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Theo Ghanem
U2 Software Engineering Representative Gabrielle Halpin
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Ben St.Laurent
U3 Computer Engineering Representative Adel Ahram
U3 Software Engineering Representative Eloyann Javanbakht
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Dafne Culha
U4 Computer Engineering Representative (Mental Health Rep) Katrina Poulin
U4 Software Engineering Representative Nicolas Bieber
2018-2019 Council
Position: Name:
President Dafne Culha
VP Finance Ali Tahmasebi
VP Internal Alena Midgen
VP External Katie Younge
VP Academic Kenz Zaghib
VP Administration Melissa Hawley
VP Communications Ricky Liu
VP TechDev Alex Lam
U0 Representative Ryan Rezsetnik
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative Alondra Karam
U1 Computer Engineering Representative Arman Shroff-Mehrabadi
U1 Software Engineering Representative Charles Lapierre
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Matthew Zeitouni
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Ben St-Laurent
U2 Software Engineering Representative Adel Ahram
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Julie Bellia
U3 Computer Engineering Representative Catherine Caron
U3 Software Engineering Representative Nicolas Bieber
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Laurie Zaccarin
U4 Computer Engineering Representative (Mental Health Rep) Marie Guertin
U4 Software Engineering Representative Hyun Su An
2018-2019 Council
Position: Name:
President Elie Elia
VP Finance Francois-Eliott Rousseau
VP Internal Dafne Culha
VP External Laurie Zaccarin
VP Academic Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier
VP Administration Sabrina Chan
VP Communications Massy Mahamli
VP TechDev Tyrone Wong
U0 Representative Jerry Xia
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative Nikhil Jebesh Moses
U1 Computer Engineering Representative Ali Tahma
U1 Software Engineering Representative Amelia Cui
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Nicolas Bieber
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Catherine Caron
U2 Software Engineering Representative Katie Younge
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Evelyne Sanscartier
U3 Computer Engineering Representative (Mental Health Rep) Paul Hooley
U3 Software Engineering Representative Ammar Rudani
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Melissa Hawley
U4 Computer Engineering Representative Ajay Patel
U4 Software Engineering Representative Yuliya Volodina
2018-2019 Council
Position: Name:
President Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier
VP Finance Alex Moreau
VP Internal Anna Bieber
VP External Cara Zhang
VP Academic Evan Laflamme
VP Administration Massy Mahamli
VP Communications Elie Elia
VP TechDev Erick Zhao
U0 Representative Dina Shoham
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative Dafne Culha
U1 Computer Engineering Representative Christos Cunning
U1 Software Engineering Representative Emile Brulé-Champagne
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Jude Habib
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Paul Hooley
U2 Software Engineering Representative Spencer Handfield
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Francois-Eliott Rousseau
U3 Computer Engineering Representative Michael Vaquier
U3 Software Engineering Representative Raphael Di Piazza
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Mohamed Reda El Khili
U4 Computer Engineering Representative (Mental Health Rep) Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier
U4 Software Engineering Representative Bogdan Dumitru


ECSESS has various involvement opportunities within its' subcommittees. Subcommittees are very valuable for ECSESS to execute its' events successfully. If you're interested to get involved within your department and have some fun, applications to join subcommittees usually go up in the beginning of the school year (usually in September). Keep an eye on our Facebook and livewire to see whenever they go up! 👀

First Year Council

The ECSESS First Year Commitee was established in 2019 and was named ECSESSBits. It is chaired by a U1 ECSESS Council Representative and supervised by the ECSESS VP Administration. It is in charge of organising and running events specifically tailored to our first year ECSE students. Past events have included video games tournies, pumpkin carving and board games nights!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to receive updates to make your first year at ECSE as memorable as possible!

2020-2021 FYC
Position: Name:
Co-Chairs Charles Lapierre,
VP Academic Michelle Lee
VP Communications Atreyi Srivastava
VP Internal Dania
VP External Alondra Karam
VP Finance Arman
VP Events Alex, Noshin
2019-2020 FYC
Position: Name:
Co-Chairs 💺 Amelia Cui, Anthony Dagher
VP External 🤵 Adel Ahram, Kevin Xu
VP Comms 🗞 Ricky Liu
VP Internal 🎉 Alena Midgen
VP Events 🎊 David Deng, Namdar Kabolinejad

Events Committee

Chaired by the ECSESS VP Internal, the Events Committee is in charge of running various ECSESS events such as Coffee House, Pancake Breakfasts, Apartment Crawls, Blues Pubs, Banquet, DPM Socials and the Wine and Cheese. It is a low commitment, yet super fun opportunity to meet other ECSIES!

Position Names (2019-2020)
Banquet Coords 🍷 Kyjauna Marshall, Marie Guertin
Blues Pub Coords 🍻 Anne-Marie Zaccarin, Nico Bieber
Crawls Coord 🚶‍♂️ Bogdan Dumitru
Campus Events Coords 🥞 Zarif Ashraf

CodeJam Committee

The CodeJam committee is in charge of organizing and running CodeJam. A list of the committee members and their names can be found at www.codejam.mcgilleus.ca.



ECSESS RoboElectronics is an organisation aiming to teach McGill ECSE students basic hands on electrical and electronics skills. Through weekly workshops, they teach you everything you need to know in order to build and program your own autonomous robot. What’s more, an end of semester competition will tie everything in and allow you to measure your skills against your fellow classmates. By joining ECSESS RoboElectronics, you will gain: problem solving skills, the ability to work in teams in order to accomplish a complex task and, last but not least, technical knowledge not taught in class.


ECSESS Bursaries

ECSESS bursaries make our events more accessible to everyone by offering half-price tickets for students who have financial barriers. The application to bursaries are event-based. We ask you to be completely honest and any information that you disclose to us will be reviewed only by the ECSESS President and the ECSESS Equity Rep and will be kept completely confidential. More information can be found on the application form here.

ECSESS Initiative Fund

The ECSESS Initiative Fund finances ECSE students that wish to participate in technical competitions, conferences, work on personal projects and organise events such as workshops. 

Please read through all of the following guidelines before applying:

  • You must be enrolled in electrical, computer or software engineering
  • Any conference, competition, project or event that you are applying for must be related to electrical, computer or software engineering
  • Funding of salaries will not be granted (for example, to pay independent developers, or to fund your research with a professor)
  • Funding of personal meals will not be granted in applications for trips. 
  • If applying for a competition or conference, you must show that you have researched and applied for any aid offered by the competition or conference.
  • If applying for a competition or conference for an amount of over $75, you must have applied to the SSMU Ambassador fund first.
  • You must adequately demonstrate your need for the aid and clearly show the exact budget breakdown

If applying for a competition or conference, you are highly encouraged to apply to the SSMU Ambassador fund first. If applying to organise an event or workshop, you are highly encouraged to apply to the SSMU Campus Life Fund first. The ECSESS Initiative Fund will then cover any remaining costs.

Applications will be reviewed by the ECSESS Initiative Fund Committee. You can expect a decision on your application within the next two weeks after it has been received. Your request for funding may be fully accepted, partially accepted or denied. If accepted, you will be required to submit a report detailing the actual expenses and including all receipts and proof of sponsorship acknowledgment if applicable. Once these receipts have been approved by the committee and processed, you will be able to pick up a cheque at the EUS office for the amount approved by the committee. 

More information can be found on the application form here.


ECSE Year Groups

One of the quickest ways to get updates from ECSESS and to connect with your classmates is to join your respective year groups. ECSESS council members will post information from ECSESS and EUS whenever we get any events up or we receive any updates affecting ECSE students. Other students from various other groups across council will also be posting relevant information about various activities and opportunities relevant to ECSE!


Every Monday, you will be receiving a newsletter from ECSESS. This newsletter will be containing all the relevant information about ECSESS events along with updates from EUS and McGill. Make sure to skim through it!

If you want to submit something to our newsletter, contact ecsess.vpcomm@mcgilleus.ca with your event name, blurb, facebook event link and cover picture.

Social Media

You can follow us on our social media to get instant updates whenever we post any updates or get our events up!

ECSESS Feedback Form

Do you have a suggestion, concern or feedback about any of the services we provide? ECSESS has designed a feedback / suggestion / concern form that you can use anytime through the year!

The form answers will be checked weekly by a member of the ECSESS Executive Committee. Your suggestions will help us develop our services, adapt ourselves to the virtual semester and to address your concerns! You can choose to be anonymous should you want. Whether or not you're anonymous, your identity will be kept confidential by the ECSESS Executive Committee.

It can be used to provide feedback on various topics including but not limited to:

  • Give feedback about your courses / labs / profs’ teaching methods so we can voice them to the department chair and our professors. 😤
  • Give suggestions for our events 🐽
  • Suggest new merchandise ideas 🧦
  • Let us know if you have any suggestions about our lounge 🛋
  • If you encounter issues about Trottier building (elevators, microwaves etc.) at any time of the year so we can direct them to the Building Director. 🏢

Feel free to use it anytime for as many times as you want through the year. 💕

Fill it here: https://bit.ly/ECSESSFeedback 


Traditionally, the classic ECSE Chant has been “E-C-S, E-S-S that’s the way we spell success.” Circa E-Week 2023, Sehr Moosabhoy, Sabrina Mansour, and Rebecca Elliott created the newly adopted chant: “E-C-S-E We’re so sexy.” After several repetitions of that verse you may chant (if you wish) “OXY-WHAT, OXY-MORON.”