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Reboot McGill
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Address: Room 218, Ferrier Building
McGill Downtown Campus

Reboot McGill is located on the Downtown McGill Campus in room 218 on the 2nd floor of the Ferrier Building. The mission of Reboot McGill is to facilitate asset reallocation around the university by collecting old computers and peripherals, refurbishing the equipment if possible, redeploying the equipment where appropriate, donating any unwanted usable equipment, and finally arranging the proper disposal of all unusable equipment scrap. The purpose of the program is to reallocate computer equipment for university/personal use only. Abuse of this privilege by way of resale or financial exchange will result in suspension of privileges.

How to Request Equipment

All requests for computers can be made through Eligible members include McGill Departments and administrative divisions of all levels, McGill recognized research groups, Graduate students, university recognized student societies, student groups, and design teams. Any unclaimed surpluses thereafter can be requested by local non-profit charities and schools. Assets are distributed based on a combination of need, organization type, availability, and chronology of request. Reboot holds the right to limit the number of assets distribute to any group/individual at it's discretion. All orders can be picked up during the office hours located on the Facebook Page in Ferrier 218.

How to Dispose of Equipment

By accepting equipment from Reboot, the recipient agrees that the hardware must be returned to Waste Management for proper disposal at the end of it's useful life. To dispose/reallocate your old equipment, contact Waste Management Program. For any non- McGill disposal, you should contact a local recycling organization such as Kadisal, Recypro, PC Recycle, or Centre de Recyclage Electronique de LaMonteregie.


Reboot McGill is a unit of the McGill Office of Sustainability, as well as a registered Club under the EUS, in close partnership with The McGill Waste Management Proram and the McGill School of Computer Science. The McGill Office of Sustainability provides the Reboot group in representation and provision of the space in Ferrier. The Engineering Undergraduate Society provides student leadership for Reboot; the election and conduct of Reboot VPs is dictated by EUS bylaws. Reboot currently falls under the VP Student Life due to it's club status. The McGill School of Computer Science is a strategic partner who provides technical support and Insight The McGill Waste Management Program collects hardware from various campus groups and coordinated with Reboot to guide the appropriate refurbishing of equipment. Currently the pecking order for equipment cycles out of EMF into Central IT, who then distributes the equipment to outdated labs, professors and their TAs, student groups upon request, and finally Waste Management. All usable equipment is then provided to Reboot, the rest is properly recycled.


Reboot McGill was founded in 2010, donating over 70 computers within it's first year.

Reboot was on hiatus in 2016.

Reboot McGill was rebooted by Malkolm Alburquenque in November 2016.