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EUS VP Academic 2020-2021
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Current: Sepehr Moalemi
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The EUS VP Academic can roughly be summed up as having three major roles: oversight and assistance in the operation of student run academic activities, management of academic funds, and student representation to the Faculty. The first role denotes the job the VP Academic has in overseeing certain Faculty wide events such as TechFair and TechWeek, as well as the Engaged learning in Engineering (ELINE) committee, and overseeing certain Faculty wide services such as the Engineering Peer Tutoring Service, and being a general point of contact for all things academics-related for any club, committee, or departmental society within the EUS.
The second role of the VP Academic in ensuring that the primary academic funds managed by the EUS, namely the Engineering Undergraduate Support Fund and the Engineering Undergraduate Equipment Fund, function as per intended and are used effectively and responsibly across the Faculty. Lastly, the third role of the VP Academic is to sit on any and all academically related Faculty-wide committees and to act as the representative for all ~3200 undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The VP Academic shall:

  1. Be responsible for all academic and curricular concerns of the EUS;
  2. Represent the EUS at any academic committees of the Faculty of Engineering and the broader McGill Community;
  3. Oversee the academic funds and support services of the EUS;
  4. Serve as the official spokesperson for the EUS in the absence of the President and VP External.


 How to Get Involved

The main duties of the VP Academic are to interact with the Engineering Faculty, represent students on Faculty Committees, support a few EUS Committees and assist EUS members with any issue they have that concerns Academics. Here is a non-exhaustive list of past experiences that could be valuable for this position (note: having held one of the three first is pretty much a must when running for VP Academic):

  • Departmental VP Academic
  • Engineering Senator
  • Departmental President
  • EUS Council
  • EUS Board of Governors
  • EUSF or EUGE Committee
  • ELINE Committee

The main skill required to be VP Academic is to be able to relay concerns and issues that students have, and to bring them up to the Engineering Faculty for them to respond and assist students when necessary. This requires a great ability to understand students' concerns and to diplomatically interact with members of the Engineering Faculty. You should have a basic understanding of how Academics work overall in the Faculty, but you will learn most of it with time. You also have to feel comfortable often being the sole student representative to the Faculty when it comes to Academics, which often is a big and somewhat unfair ask, but you must show the necessary confidence to take it on.

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