Plumbers' Student Design

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Plumbers' Student Design
Psd logo.png
Founding Executives
cofounder 1 Olivier Ducharme
cofounder 2 Laurie Charron Lozeau
Current Executives
Chair Manon Chiorri
Tutorial Coordinator Arnold Baty

Plumber's Student Design is a student-run service providing free, innovative and efficient graphic design solutions for EUS members and organizations. .PSD is a committee under the VP Communications.


Our services include a large range of graphic design work such as logos, banners, posters, sponsorship packages, handbooks, apparel, business cards, flyers, letterheads, stickers, mugs, pens... Our designers always work together with the requesting body, to make sure the design work is optimal and made in the best conditions. Our past projects include club/committees logos, conferences branding, engineering swag, event branding...


The committee is composed of students from all McGill Engineering departments interested and with experience in graphic design. It is a volunteer-based committee where students learn and share their passion about graphic design. The designers can work on projects independently or in teams.


The committee was co-founded over the course of summer 2015 by Laurie Charron Lozeau and Olivier Ducharme and keep expending since then.

2016-2017 .PSD Team
Position: Name:
Committee Chair Manon Chiorri
Tutorial Coordinator Arnold Baty
2015-2016 Team
Position: Name:
Committee Chair Olivier Ducharme