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Frostbite Ice Cream
Frostbite logo.png
Phone: 514-398-4396
Hours: Mon-Fri, 12:00-17:00

3480 University St.
McConnell Engineering Building Rm 1

Montreal, QC H3A 0E9

Frostbite is a student run ice cream store at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. We are known for our hype tracks, dope employees, and of course, our delicious ice cream. Frostbite can be found in the McConnell Engineering Building, inside the EUS Mall.


Frostbite carries a wide array of flavours, provided by two different companies, Nestle and (Montreal Famous) Ripples. Flavours are not always available, so come stop by to find your flavour!

Name Description
Baby Monkey No monkeys were harmed in the making of this ice cream
Black Cherry Black Cherry gives me wings...
Chocolate peanut butter The best party in your mouth
Chocolate raspberry Kinda tastes like chocolate and rasberries
Cookies and cream Eating cookies just got a lot better
Green tea Trick your mind into thinking this is healthy
Guava grapefruit Equivalent to the recommended 3 servings of fruit per day
Chocolate chip cookie dough The perfect remedy for cookie cravings
Chocolate Doesnt get much better than classic chocolate
Coconut Im in love with the COCO
Espresso Makes me wanna run through the 6 w/ my woes
Smores Guaranteed to have you singing campfire songs
Pistachio its the
Strawberry Gets the whole squad going #squadup
Vanilla Vanilla ice ice baby
Maple Walnut This ones for all you walnut lovers out there
Mint Chocolate Chip Bruuuuuuuuhhhhh
New York Cheesecake NEW YOOOORRK
Pralines and Cream Makes me wake up in a new bugatti
Rolo 25 sittin on 25 mil
Rum and Raisin There is the rum.. and there is the raisin..
Lemon When life gives you lemons
Litchi Better than actual litchi mmmmm
Mango The Beyonce of ice creams... cant hate on mango ya feel?
Mojito Why bother even going to a bar?
Strawberry Daquiri 10/10 say this is the best daquiri theyve ever tasted
Triple Chocolate Triple the swag and triple the fun
Caramel cookie blast Like cookies and cream.. but WITH CARAMEL
Spumoni Seriously what the heck is spumoni
Bubble gum Shockingly popular
Passionfruit I'm literally so passionate about this flavour
Cotton Candy Sweet just like u :) x

Becoming a super scooper!

So maybe you're looking for a part time job. Or maybe you just saw how much fun scoopin' looks. If you're an engineering student at McGill, you can apply to be a super scooper! All Frostbite employees are selected by the Frostbite managers and contactable at Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of the application process, only engineering students may apply. Applications are posted in April each year and can be found on our facebook page . So if you think you got some sick tunes and a bumpin' attitude, keep an eye out for applications!


Deal Description
Toonie Tuesday The best day of the week. I wish every day was Tuesday. Wow. Two scoops for $2. Amazing.
30% Exam So uhhhhh you got less than 30% on a midterm that's worth 15% or more? First of all, I'm so sorry. But hey, you can get a free ice cream! Come to the store with your physical exam and show us the course outline which demonstrates the weight of the exam. Ice cream is the best consolation. Can confirm.
BYOC "Bring Your Own Cup" scoops are $1.50 each. Plus you're reducing waste and saving this beautiful planet. Thanks for that pal.
Rowdy Day On the last day of classes of each semester, frostbite closes for final exams (sad). But that means we gotta get rid of all our ice cream. So we give it all out for free! Come early cause man that line gets long.
Warm Cookie Week Exactly what it says. You can get a warm cookie with ice cream on top. YUM.

There are many, many more events that happen throughout the year, such as valentines day specials. These events change all the time, so keep an eye out on our facebook page to stay up to date on all the deals!

You want a WHOLE tub???

Did you know you can buy an entire dang tub of ice cream? A tub is 11.4L and can scoop about 55 baby sized ice creams (two scoops). Email at least two weeks prior to your event/when you want the tub with the flavours you wish to have. The tubs come with napkins, cups, spoons and a scooper. Tubs are $60 for Nestle and $70 for Ripples.



Alex Hale
Lauriane Champagne Cossette

Super Scoopers

Chantel Yung
David Ritch
Elena Prioreschi
Elie Elia
Julian Pucella
Leila Hawa
Lianne Campbell
Lynn Hein
Mairead Maloney

Fun Fact

Did you know Frostbite was first opened in 1989? That makes us over 30 years old! Wow!