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Location: Trottier Building
Attendance: 400 participants

Code.Jam() is a 36-hour hackathon that provides the opportunity for students to apply the skills they learn inside the classroom to create innovative, elegant, and effective solutions to real-life problems. We provide a nurturing environment where teams of students experiment with upcoming technologies, brainstorm a multitude of solutions with experts in the field and present their results to a set of industry leading judges. Code.Jam() is the largest engineering hackathon at McGill University with over 400 participants each year. Code.Jam() is supported by the Electrical, Computer, Software Engineering Student Society (ECSESS), the undergraduate society which represents over 1000+ McGill Engineering students with Code.Jam().

Organizing Committee

As of the 2017 competition the ECSESS VP Technical Development (TechDev) takes on the role of chair of the organizing committee.

The organizing committee consists of the following sub-teams:


2)Web 💻🖥


4)Sponsorship 🗝🔑💸

5)Logistics 💪😎🙋

Past competitions

The theme of the event was human-computer interactions. The challenge given to participants was to build a tool similar to McGill's Visual Schedule Builder.

The theme of the event was Bioinformatics. The participants were given diagnostics data of a number of patients for a specific disease. They had to develop and train an algorithm that would be able to predict if a particular patient had the disease.

The theme of the event was DataDive. The participants chose between three categories, Transportation, Economics, and Sports. Each category was supplied with a variety of datasets that the participants were allowed to make anything with. The only limitation was that at least one of the datasets from the category was used. Each category was judged and the winner moved on to a final round against the other category winners.

The theme of the event was Pattern Recognition. Participants created any project and submitted it to one of three categories: geospatial analysis, natural language processing, and computer vision. The top three submissions in each category received a prize with the best project in each category competing against each other for the overall ranking.

Past Winners

All CodeJam submissions from previous hackathons can be found here.

Year Name Name Name Name Team Name
2017 Stanley Su Jeffrey Tsui Ben Willets Henry Wong Walksafe NYC
2016 Elie Harfouche
2015 Elie Harfouche
2013 Toby Welch-Richards