Hosting an Apartment Crawl Stop

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How to be Lit
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Who? YOU?!?
Why? Cause you're great, you know that?
Oh Shit Waddup

Oh boy oooo weeee! You're a special fella or gal! Most love stumbling drunkenly into a stranger's apartment, I mean, who wouldn't? BUT! Who among us enjoys hosting such a thing? Who would want the risk of fines, the need to mop up, the wrecked bathroom, and all the rest? Well hopefully somebody, hopefully you!

Pros & Cons

Cons Pros
  • Your house will be dirtier after the event.
  • You won't get paid and a lot of participants won't thank you
  • You may get fined. This will suck. They can be as high as $400
  • Your apartment may get damaged
  • Volunteers usually stick around to keep the peace and clean up after
  • Most decent crawl organizers will give you an extra 24 and heap on the thanks!
  • If there's such thing as karma, there's party karma. You'll be paying into the pool by hosting a crawl
  • If you want to have a ton of fun, show others a good time, and celebrate, this is it!

Tips for Hosting an Apartment Crawl

These are tips to maximize fun and minimize fun, but think about it: If my apartment gets dirty and disrespected, or I get a fine, will I be okay with that?

  • Make or choose a playlist in advance, set the tone for the stop that you want (maybe theme appropriate + whatever's popular)
    • Classics and singalongs always go down well at the end of the crawl when people are feeling bubbly!
  • Consider running a simple game from one of the following or make up one of your own if groups are small and spaced out
    • Boat Races (time honoured)
    • Time trials - Beer Ladder (great for variable flow and showing your dominance)
    • Group chug (if you're in a rush)
    • Theme based trivia
    • Stack / Slap / Strip cup! (these take time)
    • Tummies
    • Civil War (like beer pong but with extra cups, each shot in someone needs to drink)
  • Ask for everything needed to host your stop. That means:
    • Cups
    • Materials for Games
    • Sign making material if your apartment is hidden or the bathroom is hard to find
  • Enforcing no-shoes is very difficult in the winter, consider accepting that you'll need to mop OR put down a tarp (it works!)
  • Ask some friends you haven't hung out with in a while to help you host, you get to hang out and drink for free!
  • Let your neighbours know you'll have people stopping in and that you will be finished by (insert time here)!! They won't call the cops if they know the noise will be over by the time they want to go to bed!
  • Lock the bedrooms in your apartment if possible, just do it!