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McGill Bridge Building Team
Team Captain Adamo Bernola
wood Co-Captain Eyad AlAmer
Finance Co-Captain Ahmed Tantawi
Visibility Co-Captain Leila Sory
Communication Co-Captain Xuejiao Long

The McGill Bridge Building Team is an engineering design team that centers on designing and building bridges in either wood or steel for multiple engineering competitions. We welcome undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds to join us in managing exciting challenges through unique solutions. Our holistic mission is to provide our team members with practical, hands-on design experience to strengthen their understanding of in-class concepts, and foster creativity. So far, we’ve built a total of 14 wooden and 2 steel bridges.

Wood Bridge Building Team

On Wood Team, we build smaller scale, design-oriented projects using only popsicle sticks, glue, and dental floss. We always promote using new techniques and improvements towards building innovative bridges. There are some constraints to follow: typically, bridges are 1.20 to 1.35 meters long, up to 600 millimeters tall, and up to 350 millimeters wide, although dimensional specifications set for the competition are subject to changing slightly each year. The main project phases include design of the bridge structure, trimming the sticks, building sheets of plywood, sawing, and drilling, suspension preparation, and assembly practice.


The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) Troitsky Bridge Building Competition gives teams of engineering undergraduates a chance to design and build bridges and compete against universities from all across Canada. The final bridges are judged based on aesthetics and design originality, predicted ultimate load and mode of failure, actual ultimate load, efficiency (ultimate load/weight of the bridge), team spirit, oral presentation and booth design.

1 Wood Bridge Team [TEAM SIZE: 6]
  • 10th Place in the 30th Annual CSCE Troitsky Bridge Building Competition
  • 1st Place Aesthetics
3 Wood Bridge Teams [TEAM SIZE: 16]
  • Maximum load of 921 lbs
5 Wood Bridge Teams + 1 Steel Bridge Team [TEAM SIZE: 30]
  • 4th Place at Troitsky (4 teams in top 10!)
  • 4th Place at first ever CNSBC, 3rd for Architectural design
3 Wood Bridge Teams + 1 Steel Bridge Team [TEAM SIZE: 30]
  • 5th Place at Troitsky
  • Maximum load carried of 4850 lbs
3 Wood Bridge Teams [TEAM SIZE: 20]
  • all U1 student were encouraged and all of them went to competition
Troitsky Competition 2015

Steel Bridge Building Team

The steel bridges we build are roughly 19 to 21-feet long. Many dimensional constraints and assembly guidelines apply to the bridge’s design and assembly strategy, though these are only revealed in the competition mailers once teams are registered. One such example was a river flowing through the center of the construction site, forcing teams to assemble their bridges on either side of the river and having both ends meet in the middle. Once assembled, the bridges are then loaded with a specified loading pattern both laterally and vertically, and deflections are recorded at various locations along the span to determine the bridge’s efficiency. A highly complex undertaking, we have overcome adversity to compete the last two years. In the 2017-2018 season, our team is excited to learn from our past and create our best steel bridge yet!


The Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition is a newly created competition, where universities from all over Canada compete by attempting to build efficient steel bridges. The final bridges are ranked on multiple criteria, including speed of assembly, architectural design, weight, and deflection.

  • 2015-2016: 1 Steel Bridge Team [TEAM SIZE: 12]
    • 4th Place at first ever CNSBC, 3rd for Architectural design
  • 2016-2017: 1 Steel Bridge Team [TEAM SIZE: 12]
    • 5th Place at CNSBC
CNSBC Competition 2016

Executive Team History

The Team Captains are responsible for overseeing each and every project the bridge team is undertaking, set objectives and deadlines (along with the co-captains), and must work to ensure that each sub-team has all the resources needed to meet them.

Bridge team.png
2017-2018 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Team Captain Adamo Bernola
Steel Design Captain Ziyi Gu
Steel Fabrication Co-Captain Rosie Gonzales
Sponsorships Co-Captain Caroline Deschamps
Finance Co-Captain Ying Wang
Visibility Co-Captain Liliane Gonthier
Media Co-Captain Daniel Dickson
2016-2017 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Wood Team Captain Andrea Leone
Steel Team Captain David Benson
Steel Fabrication Co-captain Terry Vourdousis
Sponsorships Co-Captain Caroline Deschamps
Visibility Co-Captain Dominique Cliche
Media Co-Captain Dan Delcy

2015-2016 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Team and sponsorships captain Eric Shehata
Wood Team Co-Captain David Benson
Steel Design Co-Captain Rico Massa
Steel Construction Co-Captain David Pizzuto