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ELINE .png
Executive Team
Chair Aastha Goyal
VP Communications Julia Warren
VP Conference Gregory Brock
VP External Hashir Maqsood
VP Finance Luca Pallotta
VP Events Nazeefa Huda
VP Resource Development Sarah Wylie

Engaged Learning in Engineering (ELINE) is an EUS committee focused on promoting a culture of engaged learning among the engineering student community.


Engaged Learning in Engineering (ELINE) is an EUS committee at McGill University under the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS).

ELINE's objectives are:

  • To promote a culture of engaged learning through its events and initiatives;
  • To develop resources for student learning;
  • To support existing Faculty of Engineering bodies such as ELATE and MESC in regards to student learning;
  • To support EUS and SSMU clubs and committees in regards to student learning.

Main Events

ELINE Conference

The ELINE Conference will be held annually in the winter semester. All McGill students will be welcome to attend a day dedicated to engaged learning. The conference will feature speakers and workshops that will help students take charge of their learning.


Learning Research Report

ELINE will be producing a Learning Research Report that will compile novel learning and teaching methods. All students will have access to the report in order to stay up to date on the latest developments in learning and teaching strategies.

Advisory Board

The following members form the advisory board:

  • ELINE executive committee;
  • Two ELATE representatives;
  • EUS VP Academic;
  • EPTS Representative;
  • McGill Engine Representative;
  • Wellness Hub Representative;
  • MESC Representative;
  • One (1) or two (2) EUS Equity Representative(s);
  • E-IDEA Representative.


ELINE was founded in the summer of 2020.