The Plumber's Ledger

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The Plumber's Ledger
Founding Executives
Founding Editor David Bailey
Current Executives
Chairs & Editors-in-Chief Imane Chafi and Marie Mansour

The Plumber's Ledger is the non-satirical student publication of the McGill Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), falling within the Communications portfolio. Founded in 2012, this publication serves as a platform for engineering student voices, covering a diverse range news and culture with specific emphasis on what is relevant to McGill engineering and engineers. The Plumber's Ledger maintains a close relationship with its less-serious sister EUS publication, the Plumber's Faucet.


The Plumber's Ledger was founded at the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, with David Bailey (then EUS Publications Director) serving as its first editor. As explained in the editorial of Issue 1, Vol. 1, Bailey had observed that "engineering students often want to write or create some-thing which doesn’t really fit within the styles of the Faucet or Technophilic," the two previously existing regular publications of the EUS. He thought that the EUS could use a publication to fill the gap between humour and technology writing, and that fill-in-the-gaps publication became the Plumber's Ledger. The first issue of the Ledger, published in September and printed at Copi-EUS, included current events, a feature on the success of OAP, updates from the EUS community, visual art, a preview of Mech Madness, movie reviews, and a fine recipe for chocolate beet cake, establishing the Ledger's uniquely eclectic purvey of written content of all kinds.


The bylaws of the Plumber's Ledger were drafted in August of 2012 and passed by EUS council the same month. The full text of the bylaws may be found here.


The Plumber's Ledger has traditionally had a highly flexible structure. The Ledger is headed by the Editor-in-Chief, who also serves as Chair and Financial Officer for the publication. In addition to the Editor-in-Chief, the editorial board of the paper is comprised of a team of section editors, each responsible for a topic such as 'campus', 'lifestyle', 'features', 'sci-tech', 'entertainment', and more. The staff of the Ledger is rounded out by contributors, who write content for the paper, photographers, illustrators, and formatters.
As the Plumber's Ledger falls within the EUS Communications Portfolio, the Editor-in-Chief is ultimately accountable to the EUS Vice-President (Communications) via the Publications Director and the Creative Director.


Name Tenure
David Bailey August 2012 - September 2012
Brigid Cami October 2012 - April 2013
Kieran Mak May 2013 - April 2014
Luis Pombo May 2014 - April 2015
Frederick Chagnon May 2015 - December 2015
Nick Brunt January 2016 - April 2017
Jude Habib October 2017 - April 2018
Kenji Marshall October 2018 - April 2019
Imane Chafi June 2019 - present
Marie Mansour June 2019 - present

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