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EUS IT Committee
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Previously Known As: Infosys Committee
Current Members
IT Director Andrei Ungur
TeN Manager Kelly Ma
Wiki Curators Malcolm McClintock (Lead)
Preyansh Kaushik
Chany Ahn
Webmasters Suleman Malik (Lead)
Charles Huang
Florence Diep
Ajay Patel

The EUS Information Technology (IT) Committee, headed by the IT Director, manages the computer-based resources of the EUS. The committee seeks to provide excellent tech-relevant services to the EUS. Ever visited the EUS Wiki? Seen those screens displaying slides about engineering? Visited a webpage of an EUS group? You've seen the work of the IT Committee, though there is much more. The various services are It recently won the "Most Improved Committee" in the EUS of 2016-2017.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the 2019-2020 committee, please express interest: HERE.


IT Structure Graphic.png

IT Director (1)

  • Manage the Linux servers which run the various IT services.
  • Provide oversight to the IT Committee
  • Work with hardware, software, code, networking, and everything inbetween
  • Start projects that interest you and provide services to the EUS community.

More info: IT Director

TeN Managers (2)

  • Accept, evaluate for quality, organize, and upload TeN slides
  • Maintain TeN clients and occasionally install new TeN clients
  • Increase awareness of TeN as a promotion network for EUS groups

More info: TeN, TeN Manager

Webmasters (2)

  • Collaborate with co-webmaster to develop and maintain the main EUS website,
  • Support subsidiary EUS groups with the design of their websites
  • Identify areas of need in the EUS for new web design projects

More info: Webmasters

Wiki Curators (2)

  • Communicate with members of the EUS community to coordinate creation, maintenance, and improvement of wiki content
  • Lead efforts at new features (ex. class pages) of the wiki, which aim to benefit the EUS community
  • Aid wiki contributors in matching the style of, and including media in, wiki articles

More info: Wiki Curator

History of the Committee

2018-2019 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Andrei Ungur
Lead Webmaster Suleman Malik
Webmaster Ajay Patel
Webmaster Charles Huang
TeN Manager Kelly Ma
Lead Wiki Curator Malcolm McClintock
Wiki Curator Preyansh Kaushik
Wiki Curator Chany Ahn
2017-2018 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Alex Hale
Lead Webmaster Thomas Hillyer
Webmaster Justin Lei
TeN Manager Lou Bernardi
Wiki Curator 1 Malcolm McClintock
Wiki Curator 2 Maxence Frenette
2016-2017 IT Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Lou Bernardi
Webmaster 1 Thomas Hillyer
Webmaster 2 Alex Hale
TeN Manager Maxence Frenette
Wiki Curator Reid Hadaway
  • TeN was completely rebuilt this year. The previous system was built using Adobe Air which showed its age. The new system kept several aspects of the previous system, namely using PXE booting a single image on each screen's computer, yet switched from an EUS from-scratch built system to the Concerto Signage open source service.
  • The committee was awarded "Most Improved Committee" of the year.
2015-2016 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Malcolm McClintock
TeN Manager Justin Mendonca
2014-2015 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Morgan Grobin
Infosys Manager Malcolm McClintock
Website Manager Kaitlyn McGoldrick
TeN Manager Justin Mendonca
2013-2014 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Morgan Grobin
Infosys Manager Faraz Oman
TeN Manager Eddy Sayar
TeN Manager  ?
2012-2013 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Dan Greencorn
Website Manager Steph Campbell
2011-2012 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Dan Greencorn
TeN Manager Jason Willems
2010-2011 Team
Position: Name:
IT Director Dan Greencorn
2009-2010 Team
Position: Name:
Infosys Manager Josh Redel
2008-2009 Team
Position: Name:
Infosys Manager Patrick Diez
TeN Manager Josh Redel
TeN Manager Arnie Friedhandler