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McGill Racing Team
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The McGill Racing Team is a group of undergraduate engineering students at McGill University. Every year, we design, develop, build and race a new formula-style racing car to participate in the several Formula SAE competitions: FSAE Michigan, FSAE Lincoln, Formula North, Toronto FSAE Shootout, and Formula Student Germany. These extremely competitive events include over 120 colleges and universities from around the world, exchanging ideas, creations, and concepts.

This past year, the McGill Racing Team enjoyed the success of its best results in its history, finishing 1st in Canada, 4th in design, and 14th overall at Formula Student Germany, the most prestigious of the FSAE competitions. Additionally, the team won its first ever individual event, taking home the trophy for fastest skid pad at FSAE Lincoln.

The McGill Racing Team was established in 1994, and this year marks our sixteenth entrant in the competition. New students from different branches of engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer, civil and materials) and other faculties join the team each year, eager to learn new skills and ideas that will benefit them in their future careers. This extra-curricular activity is a great opportunity to apply knowledge learned in class, and develop teamwork, project management and problem solving abilities. While our objectives may seem lofty for an extracurricular activity, the organization, knowledge and teamwork crafted from the success and failure of motorsport competition is exhaustive.

Since 2016, the McGill Racing Team has taken on the challenge of designing, building and competing two prototype vehicles, each with similar chassis construction, but armed with different powertrains: one combustion and one electric.