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Blues Pub
When: Fridays 4PM-9PM
Happy Hour: 4PM-6PM
Where: McConnell Engineering Common Room
Organization Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS)
Capacity 100
Founded: 1992
Founders: Tony Manolikakis, Andrew Leccese, Mike Prichett and Matthew Mathers
Contact Info
Facebook Page Click here
Instagram Page Click here
Volunteer Group Click here
Head Manager e-mail
Manager e-mail

Blues Pub is a student run bar that occurs on a weekly basis in the McConnell Engineering Common Room. A long withstanding tradition in the faculty of engineering, Blues Pub is a place to gather, drink beverages, and relax from a long week of trying academics. Each Blues Pub is unique as it is organized by a different host, who is in charge of the volunteers, theme, and hype. Here you will find champions proving their worth in games of beer die, friends, and again, beverages. You must be 18+ to be at Blues Pub, IDs are checked at the door.


Volunteering is a lot of fun! There are two primary spots you can volunteer at, either the food station or the bar. To make sure you don’t miss a volunteering opportunity, make sure you contact your departmental council to get access to the volunteer sheet, or join the Blues Pub Volunteering page! All volunteer slots require a minimum 30 minutes of your time! Often times at busier Blues Pubs, a volunteer may be required at the door. If you're interested in volunteering, email the Blues Pub Managers.

Food Station

Bp bread.jpg

The Food station is Hell's Kitchen (in a fun way?). There are two jobs at the food station, however it is recommended that there are at least 3 volunteers at all times to help out here. There is the cashier, who takes the orders, collects cash, and who oversees the exporting of the delicious food. Make sure you stay alert for vegetarian orders!! Then there is the cook, who (under all sanitation standards), makes the food as dictated by the cashier. The third volunteer is encouraged to help where necessary, be it aiding the cook, contacting a manager for additional supplies, and so on.

The Bar

Overtime the bar has become a well oiled machine, which only elaborate tomfoolery can mess up. While all of the servers are required to be server trained, you do not necessarily need to be server trained to help at the bar. It is strongly encouraged that there is a barback at all times at the bar to refill the bins, get more reusable & disposable cups, and oversee the well being of the bar in general. Barbacks do not need to be server trained! All servers need to visibly wear their badge at all times behind the bar, and you will be taking orders and serving the rowdy patrons. There should be at least 5 members serving at the bar at a time; however less are needed in the first hour of Blues Pub on average.

What we have to offer

Now you may have heard about our legendary Plumbers Pocket, while not knowing what our secret recipe is. All you need to know, is that it’s a delicious grilled cheese stuffed with a pizza pocket. That’s literally all you need to know. And if you think that,s not enough…. There’s also the Double down, which is the Plumbers pocket, but DOUBLE. You just know that will satisfy your Friday afternoon cravings.

Food item Price
Grilled Cheese 1$
Plumbers Pocket (OG or vegetarian) 2.50$
Pizza Pocket (OG or vegetarian) 1.50$
Double Down 4$

The drink prices vary between 2$ and 4$. Go look for the big white board near the bar for drink options and prices! AND be aware : everything is 0.50$ off between 4 and 6pm!! We also have gluten free and non-alcoholic options (1$)! The available drinks may vary depending on the host. We strongly encourage you to bring your own cup, but if you forgot yours we are ready to help!! We offer 1$ non-reusable cups as well as 2$ reusable ones, which you have to return at the end of the night to get your 2$ back!


Blues Pub custom dice
New Blues Pub Stickers - 2020-2021 - Contest Submission

As beer die is a common Friday sport, we have decided to make available some new Blues Pub custom dice! Contact the facebook page, instagram, or a Blues Pub manager to get yours! Each dice is sold for 3$. **sales have been put on hold during the pandemic**

You can get your own Blues Pub sticker to decorate your laptop or water bottle or forehead by asking a volunteer during blues, or contacting the Blues pages or managers! By participating to our weekly events, you can even get a chance to win our merch for free!


Unlike other student run bars, Blues Pub is hosted by a different group every week. This is because the profits of Blues Pub go to the hosting organization; that is to say, that Blues Pub is intended to help groups generate an additional source of revenue!

Hosting opportunities are limited to EUS organizations and departments, as there are few spots available every year. It is standard that departments receive one Blues Pub a semester receiving priority, while other organizations may apply for one Blues Pub a year. It's not uncommon for tertiary organizations with the EUS to share the responsibility of a Blues Pub, sharing the wealth. Hosting is allocated over the summer proceeding the academic year.


Tabling is available to all groups who wish to promote their organization to the patrons of Blues Pub; however, engineering groups still receive priority! Tabling is a free form to get in touch with patrons, providing games, a point of sale (as long as it's non-competitive with the hosts of the Blues Pub), and more! If you're interested in tabling for the 2020-2021 year, please send a message to the Blues Pub Facebook Page!


Previous and Current Blues Managers -2020

Behind the scenes of every Blues Pub is a dedicated team of managers. This team has the knowledge to help acclimate the new hosts every week, lending a hand when necessary and teaching volunteers new skills.
If you ever have a question about Blues Pub, the managers can always be found in the red polos with the Blues Pub emblem. There are always two managers on duty at a given time.

Position Name
Head Manager Aidan O'Heany
Food Manager Lea Bernard
Food Manager Laura Hebert
Music Manager Flynn Vanier
Space Manager Zach Katz
Space Manager Gavin Pollard
Promotion Manager Zaina Khan
Communications Manager Emma Love
Communications Manager James Peters
Position Name
Head Manager Kitaro Jung
Food Manager Owen Quinn
Food Manager Sophie Jones-Glick
Space Manager Zach Katz
Space Manager Walker Singleton
Promotion Manager Zaina Khan
Communications Manager Aidan O'Heany
Communications Manager Britton Holman
Position Name
Head Manager Evelyne Sanscartier
Food Manager Thomas Tuchenhagen
Food Manager Felix Brault
Space Manager Kitaro Jung
Space Manager Saman Gholami
Promotion Manager Maya Kenton
Promotion Manager Nicolas Bieber
Equity, Sustainability and Vibes Manager Marie Vu
Equity, Sustainability and Vibes Manager Boyana Djurovic
Position Name
Head Manager Aleks Murauskas
Head Manager Tessa Condon
Food Manager Evelyne Sanscartier
Food Manager Lianne Campbell
Space Manager Walker Singleton
Space Manager Julian Pucella
Promotion Manager Timothy Macleod
Promotion Manager Nicolas Bieber
Position Name
Head Manager Amit Singer
Food Manager David Masson
Food Manager Aleks Murauskas
Space Manager Lianne Campbell
Space Manager Tessa Condon
Space Manager Julian Pucella
Promotion Manager Jude Habib
Promotion Manager Nicolas Bieber
Position Name
Head Manager Nicole Lee
Food Manager Lynn Hein
Promotion Manager Sarah Ford
Promotion and Food Manager AJ Masri
Communications Manager Amit Singer
Space Manager Fair Lyons
Position Name
Head Manager Mihai Mesko
Food Manager James Halliday
Common Room Manager Adam Stanley
Media Manager Marie-Claire Hamel
Media Manager Nicole Lee
Position Name
Head Manager Alex Dow
Food Manager Mihai Mesko
Common Room Manager Austin L'Ecuyer
Common Room Manager Jaden Cheng
Media Manager Malcolm McClintock
Position Name
Head Manager Chris Sarlos
Food Manager Martin Aralov
Common Room Manager Reid Hadaway
Media Manager Alex Dow


Fall 1992, First Blues Pub:

Mike Prichett with the original Blues Pub posters
Tony and Andrew
Paul Robichaud
The live music

Blues Pub was created/introduced by Tony Manolikakis, Andrew Leccese, Mike Prichett and Matthew Mathers. Tony and Andrew (aka O'Boogie & Cheese) were the common room managers in the 92’-93’ academic year. Part of the mandate for the common room was to provide a space for various engineering groups to hold fundraising events and social gatherings. A lot of the gatherings created a bit of segregation among the various departments (ex: Chemical engineering wine and cheese or Mechanical mixer). One day a U1 named Mike Prichett approached Andrew and Tony and suggested the idea of having a party in the common room (they suspected Matthew Mathers put him up to this). So they chose a day that was not already booked for fundraising and decided that they would have cheap beer, pizza, live music and a relaxing atmosphere. The first song for every party was “Little Bones” by Tragically Hip. Aside from being a pretty chill song, the song also repeatedly says “Happy hour is here” and thus is a pretty appropriate song choice. They couldn’t figure out what to name the event but right before the first party, Tony said that they needed to figure something out and write it on the LED sign they had in the common room. Mike walked in, and with time running out he said “let’s just call it Blues Pub, for now, and we’ll figure something out later.” They never thought of another name, and so the name stuck and pretty soon every Friday was Blues Pub. Why Blues pub? In contrast to PubNite they wanted to offer a low-key environment for the engineers to relax after a long week, the blues being the no-nonsense predecessor to much contemporary popular music conjures up that type of atmosphere.

Name Origin

The name of the band that would play at Blues was “The band that killed Elvis.” This band was led by the go-to guy for anything music related in engineering, Paul Robichaud, who would play drums. They would play all sorts of music (grunge, blues and soul and even metal) with the aid of various instruments. Sometimes the band as well as the crowd would get so into the music, that some of the band members would actually go crowd surfing.

Source : The Evolution of the McGill Engineer: How we became known as the rowdiest, craziest, drunkest and overall best faculty on campus