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The EUS Council is the foremost representative body of the EUS. Meeting every other week during the academic year, its responsibilities include holding the Executive Committee accountable, enact initiatives to improve student's experience, and defining policies and resolutions to enact further change. The EUS Council is primarily outlined in Title II Section II of the EUS Constitution.

Powers & Duties

The powers and duties of council, as outlined in Title III of the constitution, are as follows:

  • Act as the advisory body of the EUS, which represents the opinions and values of its Regular Members;
  • Hold the Executive Committee, SSMU Representative(s), Engineering Senator(s), and the Board of Governors accountable to their duties;
  • Ratify positions-holders, including but not limited to: Associate Members, conference delegates, and financial committee members.


The EUS Council must meet at least once every four weeks during the academic year, but tends to meet every two weeks. Anyone is permitted to attend, excluding the event of a confidential session, which can be called by a 2/3 majority vote. Quorum for Council shall be 50% of it's membership, 29 people.


The EUS Council is made up of

This is a total of 58 voting members; as such, quorum shall be 29.