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Current Editor Dina Shoham
Release Date Beginning of Fall Semester

The EUS Handbook is an annual booklet provided for FREE to all engineering students. The handbook consists of a glossary of all EUS Groups with descriptions, a guide to execs and departments, an agenda for the academic year, as well as general resources around campus.

To pickup your free handbook, come to the EUS Office during office hours, equipped with a student ID (for proof of enrolment in engineering).
Handbook quantity is limited, first come first serve.

Handbook Committee

The "Handbook Committee" hasn't really existed in recent history. The handbook is normally created by a single committed Handbook Editor, tasked with compiling all the information. The committee tends to form towards the end of the Winter Semester, working clear through the final publishing deadline of early July. Outside of that, the committee tends not to exist.The Handbook Committee is overseen by the VP Communications.

To work on the handbook, the two most important qualities are graphic design experience and the ability to coordinate with large groups of people. The committee is tasked with gathering information from all departments, execs, and EUS Groups. On top of that, your goal is to add relevant information to being a student on campus, which may mean reaching out to other resources beyond the EUS.

Once the information is gathered, it must be compiled into the handbook's design. The design changes every year at the discretion of the committee, and varies in terms of complexity. InDesign is usually used to make the handbook.

Corporate Relations

The handbook is supported in part by advertisements; these are gathered by an external organization, CU Advertising. They are granted exclusive rights for gathering ads for the handbook, and tend to bring in around $4k annually.



Around 1,000 handbook are ordered every year, about 60% of which go to the Frosh Committee to be added to the frosh bags for incoming students. All printing is handled by Friesens, who set the deadlines for content submission, pricing, features for the handbook, etc.

Previous Handbooks

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