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MERTWinter theme from 2018
MERTW Typically October
MERTWinter Typically February/March
Portfolio VP Internal

McGill Engineers Rule the World/Winter or MERTW (pronounced MERT Double-u) is a bi-annual pub crawl organized by the EUS. MERTW takes place in the fall semester usually in October and MERTWinter usually takes place in February/March. It is known for being a particularly long pub crawl; the total number food and beverage stops tending to exceed 10.


These crawls generally have 8-10 bar stops, 1-2 food stops, followed by a final stop. The stops can vary between west or east sides of campus. MERTW typically has more stops than MERTWinter.

Teams get sent off without having the full list of stops. They get a first clue when they get sent off and get an extra clue at each subsequent stop until they reach the final stop.


Teams are divided into two kinds; "running team" or "marathon team". Running teams compete to complete the crawl in the shortest time. They also have a scavenger hunt where each item done reduces their time. Marathon teams do the same crawl but aren't timed. These teams are more for fun than competition.


Don't be fooled! There is usually a fake theme release followed by several intricate and obscure hints before the official theme is announced.