McGill Artificial Intelligence Society

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McGill Artificial Intelligence Society
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McGill Artificial Intelligence Society, or McGill AI, aims to foster interest in AI through teaching, sharing, and competition, to connect with industry in a collaborative manner, and to provide a passionate AI community within McGill University that is accessible to all, regardless of background or experience.


Our club has three main missions which can be summarized in the following way:

  • Raise awareness of AI in McGill through events and presentations.
  • Allow our members to connect with other students interested in AI.
  • Provide the opportunity to work on real world problems through our sponsors and partnerships.


Executive Team

We routinely open up positions to fill open positions or new positions on our website.


  • Chair of the club’s board.
  • Sets the general direction of the club.
  • Coordinates with other execs to achieve long term goals.
  • Is responsible of fulfilling the missions and the vision of the society.

VP Internal

  • Handles members and execs complaints.
  • Handles internal affairs and day-to-day operations

VP Finance

  • Is responsible of the annual budgeting.
  • Approves expenses.

VP Sponsorship

  • Responsible for building and maintaining relationships with sponsors

VP Communication

  • Responsible for inbound and outbound communications with the community

VP Events

  • Responsible for organizing events on Campus (room booking, synchronization with sponsors and speakers..)

Get Involved

If you want to get involved in the Society, the easiest way is the come to events! We share all our events through our Facebook Page McGill Artificial Intelligence Society Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can signup on our newsletter to get all the updates and stay informed about future events:

Apply for Membership

Code of Conduct

  • All members must be ethical and must not harm the club in any way.
  • All members must respect each other.
  • All members are subject to sanctions from the board.
  • All members are to be treated equally and in total fairness.
  • All members must comply with the club’s constitution.
  • All members can be elected, except the members on probation.


The club was founded in January 2017 after the initial Facebook Group attracted more than a 100 students. The first semester the club organized more than 12 events, mainly tutorials and showed that McGill Students were extremely interested in AI and ML. During the second semester (Fall 2017), we organized the first ever hackathon in Montréal focused on Artificial Intelligence, namely ImplementAI. Following this, the club attracted of a lot of small startups and more established sponsors, making bigger and higher quality events.