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An academic forum is a great place to voice your concerns about courses and suggest improvements. Each department tends to hosts their academic forum at the end of the Fall and Winter semesters. These academic forums are another way that you can anonymously provide feedback that will be documented and relayed to the profs and academic advisors. Sometimes professors will sit in on the academic forums. An academic report is drafted by your departmental VP academic and submitted to both their department, and the VP Academic of the EUS.


The structure of most departmental academic forums are fairly similar. They are broken down into the following sections:

  1. Feedback on specific departmental core classes
  2. Feedback on classes taken in other department/faculties
  3. Feedback on the program and the curriculum
  4. Any other general issues

When & Where

Each department is in charge of organizing their own academic forums. Time and location vary every semester in order to adapt to the students’ schedules. The academic forums are usually advertised throughout the departmental social media (i.e. Facebook, newsletter, etc.). If you have any questions regarding the academic forum, feel free to contact your departmental VP Academic.

Contact your VP Academic

Department Name Email
Architecture Michael Kurt Mayer
Bioeng Kenji Marshall
Civil Rebekah Clarke Robinson
Chemical Aastha Goyal
Mining Abdelrahman Elzoka
Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier
Mechanical Manon Prairie
Materials Morgan Wu