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The EUS Common room is a room in the basement of McConnell right below the EUS Mall that can be booked through the Room Booking website. It consists of 3 sections: the Social room, the Main Lobby and the Games Room, and it is designed to host events held by EUS groups, the main one being Blues Pub.

The Engineering Common Room.jpg


Weekday Configuration

The Common Room has various furniture configurations for the many functions throughout the week. Below is the Weekly Configuration:


Cleaning Configuration

All couches are stacked two-by-two on top of each other against the walls. The wooden table is pushed against the individual study wall and benches are stacked above it. All grey ottomans are stacked in front of the dj booth. The cleaning configuration is designed to maximize the amount of empty, cleanable space and should only be used AFTER sweeping has been done.

All groups that book this space over the weekend are expected to return the furniture to this configuration for Monday cleaning.


The Common Room can be accessed through keycard access with a student ID belonging to an engineering student. It can be unlocked at all times between 8am-9pm.


Main Lobby

The Main Lobby is the first room as you enter the Common Room.

Social Room

The Social Room is the room to the right as you enter the Common Room. Available to use in the room is a projector, which can be accessed through the front of the room. To use the projector, plug your computer in the front of the room and switch the input to HDMI on the control pad next to the DJ Booth.

Games Room

The Games Room is in the back left corner as you enter the Common Room. The room contains a TV, which can be plugged into using an HDMI cord.