Clubs Fund

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Clubs Fund
Contact: Rahul Behal, VP Finance
Omar Abdelaziz, Funds Director
Amount ~$6,000/semester
Allocators Clubs Fund Council
Distribution Once/semester
Who can apply EUS recognized Clubs

The Clubs Fund is an EUS fund which exists to provide financial support to our clubs! The funding is allocated by the Clubs Funding Committee (generally referred to as CFC) on the basis of funding requests or proposals from clubs. Funding allocation is determined according to the Clubs Fund Bylaws.

All clubs are eligible to make a funding request to the CFC, but applying for or receiving EUS funding is not necessary to maintain club status.


The Clubs Fund Committee is composed of the EUS President, VP Finance, and VP Student Life, as well as the Clubs Representative and 3 general EUS Council members who are not affiliated to a club.