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This is the list of all current Groups in the EUS. If you're looking to get in touch quickly, you can check out the directory. It can be confusing differentiating at time, each can be defined briefly as follows:


  • Committees: These are the limbs of the EUS. They each are charged with a specific task, be it host an event, publish a magazine, uphold equity, and beyond. I guess you could say they're there to serve the EUS.
  • Clubs: Clubs are more independent groups; their budgets do not come from the EUS, but carry over year to year, boosted by the Clubs Fund. They have their own constitutions, mandates, and executive teams.
  • Design Teams: Design teams are also relatively independent groups, provided space and the annual funding by the EUS.
  • Services: These are groups that tend to exchange money for services; currently the EUS only has four official services.
  • Departmental Societies: Departments are branches beyond the EUS; they have their own councils, events, student fees, and more. Their focuses on improving life for its constituents through academic advocacy, events, and beyond.





Design Teams

Departmental Societies

Departmental Groups



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