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Design Team Fund
Contact: Ryan Reszetnik, VP Finance
Andrew Xie, Funds Director
Amount ~$33,000/semester
Allocators Design Team Fund Committee
Distribution Once/semester
Who can apply EUS Recognized Design Teams

The Design Team Fund is an EUS fund which exists to provide financial support to design teams! The funding is allocated by the Design Team Fund Committee (DTFC) to teams that have design team status, have submitted their budget, and have a sponsorship package for the year. Funds are distributed according to the Design Team Fund Bylaws.

Design Team Fund Committee

The Design Team Fund Committee (DTFC) consists of the EUS President, VP Finance, and VP Student Life, as well as one representative from each design team, and is chaired and organized by the Funds Director. In addition to voting on proposals, the DTFC also votes on design team status at the Design Team Fund meeting. Although this has been done as one vote in the past, the new DTFC structure allows for the status vote to be done by secret ballot.

This committee also serves as a platform for MESC and the VP Student Life to give updates and receive feedback from design teams.


The DTFC meets once per semester, normally about halfway through. Written applications are submitted first, followed by a meeting of the DTFC to deliberate the allocation of the funds.

General expectations
  • A representative is present at the meeting to present and answer questions
  • No late submissions are accepted
  • Additional sources of funding outside the EUS are sought after

Example Funds Request

Here is an example bundle of files you would submit to the DTFC:

Funding Allocation

DTF allocation is based on the number of EUS members on, and performance of, each design team. A bonus stipend is also available to newly formed Design Teams. This is outlined in the next section. If you would like to make changes to this system, make sure to contact the Design Team Director and VP Student Life before the DTFC meeting date.

The Equation

The total amount available in the fund for a semester is split into 4 categories:

  • New Team Stipend (Varies Year to Year)
  • Base (45%)
  • Number of EUS Members (35%)
  • Performance (20%)
New Team Stipend
For the first 3 years of their existence, design teams are entitled to the New Team Stipend. The value allocated starts at $750 for a first year team, and decreases by $250 each year until the fourth year of operation, when it reaches $0. For example, if McGill Formula Concrete was founded in Fall 2016 it would receive a $750 stipend at Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 DTFC, a $500 stipend at Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 DTFC, and a $250 stipend at Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 DTFC. The amount of money allocated to the New Team Stipend is determined prior to the regular allocation, and the regular allocation is done with the amount left after the new team stipend is distributed. i.e. if $20,000 is available for allocation, and $1000 of New Team Stipends are allocated, then the regular allocation would continue with $20,000 - $1000 = $19,000.
The base, 45% of the total fund, is evenly split among all design teams.
Number of EUS Members
35% of the fund is allocated based on the number of EUS members on their team. The funding allocated for each design team by this section is determined by the ratio of the number of EUS members on their team to the total number of EUS members on design teams. For example, if 500 EUS students are design team members, and $10,000 is allocated towards the Number of EUS Members category while Baja has 100 EUS members on their team, then Baja will get a total of $10000*100/500 = $2000 from this section. More EUS members means more money!
A design team's performance dictates the split of the remaining 20% of the fund. A team's score on performance is the sum of the total number of competitions the team attended in the 2 previous years and the team's top 3 competition scores. Competition scores are calculated by dividing the total number of competitors at a competition to the power of 0.67 by the team's rank to the power of 1.5 (for a max per comp score of 4). A higher score means more money!