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Bylaws are defined as "a set of legal rules adopted by the Board of Governors and ratified by a General Assembly or adopted by a General Assembly and ratified by the EUS Board of Governors for the governance of EUS legal affairs." These are not to be mistaken with policies, which are documents that are guiding principles and best practices. Bylaws are legally binding, and therefore tend to be of more solidified and pertinent matters. Changing a bylaws requires a significant amount of work, including a General Assembly; if you're creating a document and wondering what it should be classified as, consider whether or not it's rules are settled for now and the distant future.

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A Policy is intended to provide a set of rules for the conduct of EUS affairs. Policies are established to define the operations of the EUS, such as recruitment process, equity awareness and complaint process, handling events with alcohol, etc. Policies provide guidelines any members holding a EUS position or conducting an action within the EUS or in the name of EUS shall respect. Policies are different from bylaws as they are not legally binding. Policies can be created by the EUS Council, the Board of Governors, or a General Assembly.

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Other Documents

The Memorandum of Agreement is the legal document that describe how the EUS can operate within McGill. It covers everything from the spaces we rent to the permitted publications, who can use the McGill name, and more. It is renewed every 5 years, most recently renewed in 2018; next negotiations will begin in 2023. If you have any questions regarding the MoA, feel free to contact the Board of Governors at