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Engineering mascot Wahmbo in their PNU

The Plumbers Noble Uniform (PNU) is a student run committee dedicated to organizing the purchase and distribution of the PNU to McGill engineers, as well as to develop, implement and purchase patches.

For more information see our instagram page @pnu.mcgill


The PNU is Dickie's white overalls, with an Amazing Student Symbol (A.S.S.) Stamp across the rear end. PNUs are like the Queen's engineering jackets except affordable and hotter. PNUs will be available for ordering soon. Be Ready!!

The A.S.S. Stamp

Twice a year the PNU committee hosts an A.S.S. Stamp Ceremony during Frosh and E-Week. The A.S.S. throne has a stamp that everyone with PNU overalls will sit on, branding their rear end with 'Property of McGill EUS' so our uniforms match.

Presenting The A.S.S. Stamp Throne

The Paint Splattering

Bioeng Blue
Materials Purple
Civil Orange
Mech Red
Chem Pink
Mining Yellow
Bioresource Green
ECSE Silver
Architecture Sand

During the A.S.S. Stamp ceremony after receiving your A.S.S. Stamp, you will be escorted to a separate area with representatives from your specific engineering department who will spray you with a colour of paint that represents your engineering. This colour was decided in the 2022 Reg Race of PNU orders, the results are as follows:


The patches are what make each PNU unique from each other. They are a chance to show off your accomplishments and involvement in the EUS. Soon you will be able to see available patches you can buy (or work towards) here, and the traditional placement of patches.