McGill Students' Flying Club

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McGill Students' Flying Club
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Current Presidents Lauren Nagel & Madison Santos
VP Finance Celine Oubibet
VP Communications Haoyi Qiu & Haoning Qu
VP Groundschool James Curran
VP Fundraising Amogh Kulkarni
VP Events Zephir Lorne & Rumi Ausaf & Ali Najmaldin
VP PFD James Ting
VP Simulator Arezki Allouache
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In a short span, McGill Students' Flying Club has become one of Canada’s largest student-run aviation organizations. Operating from McGill University in Montreal, McGill Students' Flying Club provides a platform for its members to engage in flight training and other aviation-related activities. Our mission is to promote aviation and aerospace fields and foster a growing community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.


MSFC provides countless opportunities for aviation enthusiasts of every level to take part in activities, such RC flying, desktop flight simulation, plane spotting, participating in air shows and aerospace conventions, skydiving, gliding, and other aviation-related activities.

Main Events

Pilot For a Day (PFD)

‘Pilot for a Day’ events provide a unique opportunity for members to see what the whole fuss is about (and for catching the flying bug), as well as for pilots to build their flying hours in an affordable way by splitting the cost amongst the passengers they’re flying with.

PFD events are organized twice per semester in collaboration with local partner flight schools. The event takes place over a weekend with transportation to and from the airport provided by MSFC.

If you are interested in flying with us on our next PFD event, just follow our eventbrite


The Skydiving Division is an inclusive group for learning and experienced skydivers. The division organizes several events for various skill-levels, including tandem-jump events for beginners, indoor wind-tunnel exercises during the winter, and group jumps for licensed individuals. AFF/PFF courses are also offered via a partnership with skydiving schools, leading to the Solo License. Other competency certifications are available as well.

More information on the Skydiving Division can be found here, and you could join the Facebook group.

Ground School

Ground School is the theoretical/classroom component of your flight training. It is called “ground school” since the other component is the practical or actual flying which takes place in the sky. In order to get a particular pilot license, you need to successfully complete both the theoretical and practical components to earn your license. In a way, it’s similar to getting your driver’s license where you have to pass a written test and then the actual driving test to earn your license, except in this case, the training is much more involved. A Private Pilot License or PPL, will allow you to fly a single-engine prop plane, like a Cessna 172, anywhere, with passengers, only during daylight in VFR conditions.

More information for ground school and sign ups can be found here, and Ground School students can join the Facebook group.


Gliding have been a part of MSFC's history, with several collaborations with the Montreal Soaring Council. MSFC is currently working on having gliding courses on McGill campus, much like the PPL Ground School.


More information on the history of our executive team can be found in the team, founders and past executives pages.

2019-2020 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Co-President Lauren Nagel
Co-President Madison Santos
VP Finance Celine Oubibet
VP Ground School James Curran
VP Fundraising Amogh Kulkarni
VP Events Zephir Lorne & Rumi Ausaf & Ali Najmaldin
VP PFD James Ting
VP Simulator Arezki Allouache
VP Comunications Haoyi Qiu & Haoning Qu
2014-2015 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Co-President Alex Farnsworth
Co-President Justin Bérubé
VP Finance Théo Viala
VP Ground School Lara Goxhaj
VP Internal Coryna Wan Chun Wah
VP Skydiving Celina Wan
VP Comunications Lauren Nagel
2014-2015 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Salaman Hashmi
VP External Guy Haddad
VP Communications Nirvair Chawla
VP Finance Farzan Subhani
VP Internal Jospeh Hayak
2013-2014 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Kari Rosteck
President Sebastien Mezeret
VP Communications Shawana Habib