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McGill Students' Flying Club
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Current Contact Haoning Qu
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In a short span, McGill Students' Flying Club has become one of Canada’s largest student-run aviation organizations. Operating from McGill University in Montreal, McGill Students' Flying Club provides a platform for its members to engage in flight training and other aviation-related activities. Our mission is to promote aviation and aerospace fields and foster a growing community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Be part of a community that shares your passion!


Flight Training

In partnership with Harv's Air, we offer discounts on industry-leading online ground school courses. The self-paced online ground school courses will prepare you for everything found on Transport Canada's exams. We are partners with our local flight school CPAQ.AERO to ensure a smooth experience for both aspiring and current pilots looking for flight training.


We provide countless opportunities for aviation enthusiasts of every level to take part in activities. From flying airplanes to jumping out of airplanes, we have something to offer everyone who is looking to explore their passion for aviation. Our team members can help you find a local flight school for a fun flight over the downtown area, or to help you on your way to a license.


Beyond our activities and events, we are a place of assembly for all members of the aviation community. This is a place for aviation enthusiasts to meet industry professional; a place for aircraft mechanics to meet commercial pilots; a place to find others that share your passion.

Club Divisions

Ground School (GS) Division

(Operating Normally)

The GS Division is your contact point for any question involving the written exams. Our GS Division has organized regular ground school courses on campus and online since 2012. We're currently partnered with Harv's Air.

If you have any questions, email us with [GS] in the title. More information on the GS Division can be found on our Ground School page.

Pilot for a Day (PFD) Division

(On Hold)

The PFD Division allows aspiring pilots to experience the wonders of flying for an affordable price. Even if you do not intend to pursue a pilot's license, a beautiful flight over downtown is a fun activity for all.

If you have any questions, email us with [PFD] in the title. More information on the PFD Division can be found on our Pilot for a Day webpage.

Flight Training (FT) Division

(Operating Normally)

The FT Division works directly with licensed flight training units (FTUs) and individual instructors for all licenses and ratings granted by Transport Canada. From Diamond DA20s to Piper Aztecs, our FT Division can help you find the best fit for your flight training needs.

If you have any questions, email us with [FT] in the title. More information on the FT Division can be found on our Flight Training webpage.

Flight Simulator (FS) Division

(Temporarily Closed)

The FS Division operates events where pilots and non-pilots can experience the power of PC flight simulations for fun and for training. We operate both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to satisfy every usage of PC flight simulations.

If you have any questions, email us with [FS] in the title. More information on the FS Division can be found on our Flight Simulator webpage.

Skydiving (SD) Division

(Temporarily Closed)

The SD Division works with local accredited skydiving schools to offer tandem-jump events for beginners. During the winter, the SD Division runs indoor wind-tunnel exercises.

If you have any questions, email us with [SD] in the title. More information on the FS Division can be found on our Skydiving webpage.

Partner Flight School (FTU) Division

(External; Operating Normally)

The Club currently does not provide direct flight training, and the external FTU Division is our local flight school partner CPAQ.AERO, who helps us to provide aspiring and current pilots a smooth experience for their flight training needs.

Please note that the FTU Division is not commercially or organizationally affiliated with the McGill Students' Flying Club. You can visit their website or learn more on our School Overview page here.


This predecessor of McGill Students' Flying Club (MSFC) was the Flying and Navigation Club. Founded in the 1950s, it revolved around prospective navigators sharing and practicing various navigational techniques. The VP Clubs of EUS, Harold Day, envisioned the idea of a flying club after discovering the 1950s records, and the MSFC was re-founded at the McGill Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) in March of 2012 by Farzan Subhani, Guy Haddad, Joe Hayek, Kari Rosteck, Sebastien Mezeret, and Salman Hashmi (listed in alphabetical order). Since the club's revival, our Co-Presidents Lauren Nagel, Ali Najmaldin, and Madison Santos have seen the Club through the expansion of partnerships and the challenges of COVID-19 to the present the club as you see it today.

More information on the history of our executive team can be found in the Our Team, Founders & History and Past Executives pages.

Past Executive Teams

2020-2022 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Co-President Ali Najmaldin
Co-President Madison Santos
VP Finance Celine Oubibet
VP External Luis Alvarez
VP Events Sariel Coronado
VP Events & Design Zephir Lorne
VP Web Development James Ting
VP Fundraising Josh Ptack
VP Comunications Haoning Qu
VP Support Bruce Thomas Miles
VP Ground School James Curran
VP Pilot for a Day Arek Froundjian
VP Simulator Justin Matta
VP Sponsorship Amogh Kulkarni
2019-2020 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Co-President Lauren Nagel
Co-President Madison Santos
VP Finance Celine Oubibet
VP Ground School James Curran
VP Fundraising Amogh Kulkarni
VP Events Zephir Lorne

Rumi Ausaf

Ali Najmaldin

VP PFD James Ting
VP Simulator Arezki Allouache
VP Comunications Haoyi Qiu

Haoning Qu

2014-2015 Executive Team
Position: Name:
Co-President Alex Farnsworth
Co-President Justin Bérubé
VP Finance Théo Viala
VP Ground School Lara Goxhaj
VP Internal Coryna Wan Chun Wah
VP Skydiving Celina Wan
VP Comunications Lauren Nagel
2014-2015 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Salaman Hashmi
VP External Guy Haddad
VP Communications Nirvair Chawla
VP Finance Farzan Subhani
VP Internal Jospeh Hayak
2013-2014 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Kari Rosteck
President Sebastien Mezeret
VP Communications Shawana Habib