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Being a Design Team under the EUS means you get to work with various directors and members of the EUS executive committee. Here are a couple positions that are very resourceful for design teams and can give you a hand if you have questions, concerns, complaints...

Administrative Manager

The Administrative Manager (also known as the Office Manager) is a full-time employee of the EUS tasked with taking care of all the general administration of the EUS Office. Their desk is in the EUS Office (MC07) and they can help you with a lot of the questions you may have! They also take care of receiving cheque reqs, deposits, and possibly mail addressed to your team.

Executive Committee

The EUS Executive Committee is here to help you and your team! Design teams fall under the VP Student Life portfolio, meaning they represent the interest of design teams within the Executive Committee, council, and Board of Governors. They also work with the Design Team Director to facilitate communications between design teams and McGill admin. You can always reach out to the VP Student Life and Design Team Director if you have general questions or concerns - they're here to help! Even if design teams don't fall directly under the other executive's portfolios, they are all incredibly resourceful. The VP Finance can help with all finance questions that cannot be answered by the Financial Guidebook, the VP Services can help you grant workshop access and meeting room access, the VP Communications can help you with setting up emails and websites, the VP Academic can help with projects such as getting credits for working on a team, the VP External can help you get in contact with teams from schools, the VP Internal can help you promote your team at events like Frosh, and the President can help you with anything and everything :).


Here's a list of directorships that can be useful to design teams: