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EUS VP Communications 2021-2022
Current: Imane Chafi
Office Hours
by appointment

The EUS VP Communications is charged with overseeing all, as the name implies, communications. This includes moderating the weekly Engineering Newsletter the Pipeline, the Internal Newsletter, facebook communications, internal communications, websites, TeN Screens, and more.
Additionally the VP Comm oversees a variety of committees in the publications & creative world, such as The Plumber's Ledger, The Plumber's Faucet, Plumber's Student Design, and The Plumber's Station. There are three directorships under the VP Comm, the IT Director charged with leading the IT Committee, the Publications Director who oversees EUS Publications, as well as the Creative Director who manages a variety of special projects.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The Vice-President Communications shall:

  1. Be responsible for the communication of relevant information to EUS members;
  2. Be responsible for all publications of the EUS;
  3. Oversee the creative portfolio of the EUS;
  4. Oversee all information technology within the EUS.


 How to Get Involved

To prepare to be EUS VP Communications the most important thing is to be passionate about the portfolio. Interest in creative projects, writing, web development or just a willingness to learn more about these as the main aspects of the portfolio are:

  • Publications
  • Creative
  • IT
  • EUS Social Media
  • Branding

All of these areas have committees where you can get involved. There is a wide range of options from TPS, the EUS' own film and photography committee to IT, where you can learn and practice web development.

Common positions to hold before running for VP Communications are one of the three comms directors (IT, Creative or Publications), however experience as departmental VP Comms can also be quite useful! The most important, however, is passion for the communications portfolio!

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2019-2020 Jude Habib To be submitted
2018-2019 Alex Hale To be submitted
2017-2018 Saad Waseem To be submitted
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