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EUS VP Internal 2020-2021
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Current: Yassaman Bassiri
Winter Office Hours (by appointment)
Monday & Wednesdays 9:30-11:30AM (EST)

The EUS VP Internal is in charge of McGill Engineering culture and social events, the EUS internal relations with the other Faculties and with McGill students at large. The role focuses on providing social and athletic programming to engineering students, as well as managing and recruiting the largest volunteer base of any executive. The VP Internal manages the committees for multiple events throughout the year including Orientation Week, E-Week and Volunteer Banquet.The VP Internal works with the departments and clubs of the EUS to provide weekly entertainment via Blues Pub held in the EUS Common Room.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The VP Internal shall:

  1. Coordinate first-year orientation activities in conjunction with the broader McGill Community;
  2. Coordinate first-year involvement and implement initiatives to promote involvement in EUS Groups for the members of the EUS;
  3. Organize interdepartmental social, cultural, athletic and fundraising activities for the members of the EUS;
  4. Be responsible for relations between the EUS and other faculty associations of McGill University in conjunction with the President.
  5. Be responsible for the enforcing of the All Faculty Involvement Restriction Policy and the EUS Involvement Restriction Policy in EUS spaces and activities, where applicable;
  6. Maintain and improve EUS spaces in cooperation with the Faculty Building Director(s).


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