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EUS VP Student Life 2022-2023
Current: Owen Quinn
Office Hours
Tuesday & Wednesday, 11:30am-12:30pm

The VP Student Life oversees a variety of committees that contribute to making the EUS a happy and sustainable community, including Sustainability in Engineering at McGill (SEAM), Indigenous Inclusion Committee, Mental Wellness, Equity & Mental Health Committee, as well as all clubs, design teams and services. They also have a mandate to gather feedback from the EUS community, and work to promote opportunities to get involved in the EUS, such as Involvement Week and the EUS Conference. The portfolio also works with EUS Council.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The VP Student Life shall:

  1. Implement initiatives relevant to the well-being of EUS Regular Members;
  2. Call EUS Council meetings to order;
  3. Ensure that members of the EUS Council attend Council meetings;
  4. Be responsible for the Speaker(s) and Minute Taker(s) of the EUS;
  5. Oversee the formation and operations of EUS Clubs and Design Teams;
  6. Represent the Clubs and Design Teams to the EUS Council and the Board of Governors;
  7. Oversee services;
  8. Oversee the club and design team spaces.


Midterm Reports

Year Name Link
2022 Emma Friesen Not Applicable
2021 Cristian Ciungu Midterm Report
2020-2021 Taylor Lynn Curtis Midterm Report
2019-2020 Gareth Price Midterm Report
2018-2019 Marion Olivier Midterm Report
2017-2018 Leila Hawa Midterm Report
2016-2017 Nicolas Proulx-Jones (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2015-2016 Jessica McAvoy (VP Clubs & Admin) Not found
2014-2015 Robyn Conway (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2013-2014 Lianna Yang (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report (incomplete)
2012-2013 Morgan Grobin (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2011-2012 Zachery Oman (VP Clubs & Admin) Not Applicable
2011-2012 Garth Yu (VP Administration, Resigned) Midterm Report