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EUS VP External 2023-2024
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Current: Kells Mason Moore
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The role of the EUS VP External is to help connect engineering students with resources and opportunities outside of the EUS, whether it be about industry events, conferences or social events with other universities. The mandate involves representing EUS members on a provincial and national level to professional and student organisations like the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and the Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO). These two groups reunite all engineering students throughout Quebec and Canada, and serve as a platform for discussions to help us improve on making the engineering profession more relevant to our students, as well as improving the engineering student experience at each university.

The VP External also oversees the delegation to QCESO and CFES events throughout the year to connect with other engineering students and schools from across the country. Keep an eye out for in house engineering competitions (MEC), Quebec scale competitions (QEC & Quebec EngGames]) and national competitions (CEC) to put your skills to the test and meet incredible people. These competitions offer a wide variety of challenges ranging from case competitions and debates, to academic and sports competition! The portfolio also includes promoting the conferences to students hosted by the CFES to inspire and educate students within the EUS community, such as the Conference in Diversity and the Conference in Sustainability.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The Vice-President External shall:

  1. Represent the EUS to outside bodies in conjunction with the President;
  2. Maintain links with student organizations at the provincial, federal, and international levels;
  3. Represent the EUS at provincial, federal, and international engineering organizations with which the EUS chooses to be affiliated;
  4. Oversee committees and delegations with direct ties to external student organizations;
  5. Serve as the official spokesperson for the EUS in the absence of the President.


How to Get Involved

The best way to prepare for becoming EUS VP External is to get involved in things related to the External Portfolio (duh!). To run for the position, it is recommended to be familiar with some of these:

  • Eng Games
  • CFES
  • Other engineering schools and societies in Quebec or Canada
  • General assemblies / council meetings in general
  • EUS groups, events and services

Even though any VP External will learn a lot once they start their term, most elements are best learned by experiencing them rather than reading them from a handbook. For example, Eng Games has a very unique dynamic and culture that can be difficult to understand for someone who has never heard of or participated in them. A potential VP External should also be familiar with what the EUS has to offer (groups, events, services, positions, etc) since they will be the one representing the EUS to external groups and other schools. Finally, the VP External should have a good understanding of French and English to be able to participate and represent the EUS at QCESO and CFES meetings.

In the past, a lot of VP Externals had previously held the position of External Director, although this is not an obligation.

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