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The Administrative Manager is a full-time employee of the society who is tasked with taking care of all the general administration of the EUS Office (mailing, filing, answering the phone etc.). They also provide some of the society’s services like equipment rentals and McConnell kiosk reservations.


In 1995, the EUS had grown to a point where it was too much work for the Executive Committee to run the administrative tasks of the office. It was decided to hire a full-time employee to manage the administration. In the fall semester of 1995 the EUS's first Administrative Manager, Dianne, began working. Over the years the position has expanded and grown with the EUS to included many more tasks and assignments. In addition, the position became a sort of "knowledge bank" for the operations of the EUS. With the members of EUS groups constantly changing it proved useful to have a permanent employee with many years of knowledge.

Tasks and Role

The Administrative has many specific tasks but also a very general role in the EUS. The main tasks are as follows.

1. Answering questions about any EUS related business.
2. Acting as a receptionist.
3. Mailing or faxing invoices and letters.
4. Managing documents and deliveries on behalf of the EUS
5. Preparing documents (invoices, letters, e-mails etc.)
6. Lending out and keeping records of the society's keys
7. Ordering office supplies
8. Maintain the professional image of the E.U.S.
9. Renting out lockers and equipment to students,
10. Assisting in the preparation of Council Meetings
11. Assisting the accountant with financial tasks

Administrative Managers

Years Name
1995-2017 Dianne Ferguson
2018-2020 Chris Sarlos