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IT Director
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Ali Tahmasebi

Ivan Zhang

The position of Information Technology (IT) Director entails maintaining and improving the various technological aspects of the Engineering Undergraduate Society and managing the IT Committee. This includes the, email client, infosys network, this Wiki and more. The IT Director has a pseudo-office, you can often find them working away in McConnell 9, the server room (the IT office).

Beginning in May 2021, an extra IT Director is recruited and the term is increased to two years. This was done to improve the transfer of knowledge between directors and make the IT services more responsive. The terms of overlap 1-year, it means that the incoming IT director will be working with the senior IT director who is on their 2nd year and will then be promoted, if the performance is deemed satisfactory, to senior IT director.


The IT Director portfolio includes managing the two servers and their virtual machines, email setup, and minor projects as well as aiding and supporting the various parts of the IT portfolio. The two servers are custom built machines which run in sync. They have multiple virtual machines running synchonously (in a way) between them. Each virtual machine serves a separate purpose including: DNS, TeN, webserver, etc. The servers are mostly ubuntu based.


The TeN manager is under the IT portfolio. The IT Director manages the servers upon which the clients rely and helps the TeN Manager in maintaining and upgrading the clients.

McGillEUS Emails

The most common task required of the IT Director is access to an email address. All EUS organizations are entitled to their very own email address; to request an email address, contact the IT Director. Emails can be accessed through Google and any place where you can log into a Gmail account. The EUS has its emails hosted in Google's cloud through their architecture. Thus, any service which requires or can use a Google account can use a email.

History of the Position

2022-2023 2021-2022 2020-2021 2019-2020 2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 2013-2015 2010-2013 2009-2010
Ali Tahmasebi

Ivan Zhang

Ali Tahmasebi

Catherine Van Gheluwe

Ali Tahmasebi Mairead Maloney Andrei Ungur Alex Hale Lou Bernardi Malcolm McClintock Morgan Grobin Dan Greencorn Josh Redel

 Exit Reports

Year Name Link
2017-2018 Alex Hale State of the (Plumber's) Union
2016-2017 Lou Bernardi Not Found
2015-2016 Malcolm McClintock Not Found
2014-2015 Morgan Grobin Not Found
2013-2014 Morgan Grobin Not Found
2012-2013 Dan Greencorn Not Found
2011-2012 Dan Greencorn Not Found
2010-2011 Dan Greencorn Not Found
2009-2010 Josh Redel Not Found