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This is a page dedicated to the EUSwiki curator for tracking purposes.
Please do not edit this page.

If this page is found, it may provide some semblance of order to the scattered project that is (or was) the EUSwiki.


The idea of creating a "bubble" of articles that feed off one another for a certain topic. If I go to that ecosystem, it should be able to link to all the relevant content (which is also interlinked), as opposed to editing articles little by little. Examples of ecosystems includes:

  • Room Bookings
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Study survival guides
  • Getting involved at McGill

Each of these has it's own relevant sphere of articles that should exist.

Big ol ToDos


New Frontiers

  • Dean Nicell...?
  • Skim the McGill Reddit. They've got some good content.
  • What do we want to do with the footer? It's underutilized.
  • Consider proposing another way to name motions at council? How do legit councils organize documents? Right now best we have, for example, is New Business item X from Council on April, XX XXXX, which is unreliable

Sections to Add

GradComm! They get a load of questions every year for the same exact shit. It'd probably be:

  • Main article with list of to-do's to graduate
  • FAQ page addressing all those strange nuanced questions Can I do this ceremony? What if I'm on exchange? I've missed my grad photos, what do I do?
  • Maybe a page for Lassman Photography? They've got McGill under their thumb, not sure Gary and the gang are going anywhere anytime soon
  • Iron Ring page?
  • Plumber's Ball is currently a subcategory of Graduation Committee. Should be it's own article IMO

Computer Labs: I know McGill IT / NCS is pretty thorough on their online how to's, but it'd be nice to show available software for download, where the computer labs are, etc.

Mental Health & Equity related content:

  • What is consent?
  • On Campus resources (this is found in so many places it should be real easy to make a nice list)
  • How to advertise events with alcohol inclusively (Healthy McGill has a nice infographic for this)
  • Equity training resources?
  • YEAH YEAH YEAH list of gender neutral washrooms!!
  • Land Acknowledgement. That's a must. Bring back the webpage too, as soon as CFES returns our domain
  • Tertiary, but same vein I guess? MSERT, RedFrogs, Walksafe, Drivesafe. All good groups. I don't know how to give them exposure on the wiki while keeping it up to date without redirecting to their webpages? I guess it'd be like any other EUS Group, just not in EUS..... Wait, where is that line? There's gotta be one. Maybe focus on EUS first, I'm uncertain

IguanaGate: Fun story, I'd be sad if it does not continue

List of previous EUS execs: Dianne had one that was sent to the wiki.curator email, around April 18th

Funds: Getting money is the number one job of a lot of positions. Doing it on campus has a general procedure to it, almost all of ours are empty right now

  • See Category:Funds
  • History of funds would be cool, as well as general makeup for how many
  • SSMU Funding is pretty robust on the Funding sources page, deserve it's own page?
  • Hey while you're at it, why not list a breakdown for what the average Eng student fees are all about? They don't change that often, would be nice to list opt-outables
  • Pretty much unrelated to any of this, maybe we could add the Math Extension for MediaWiki matched with templates to do some fun calculations?
  • Way off in the future download previous fund distributions (probably excluding EUSF & EFC), upload them to the Wiki Curator's Google Drive (very important that wiki maintain ownership of these files, as far as I'm aware the exec drive is piecemeal and scattered)

Volunteer Banquet: Alex Dow sent Malcolm a whole bunch of photos of previous mugs. It'd be nice to outline what it is. It's a bit dodgy navigating the somewhat exclusive nature of it?

Eng Buildings: I once dreamed of having floor plans of eng buildings on the wiki. We could settle for less.

  • I bet there's a nice proprietary embeddable thing out there to better map out spaces. The raw floor plans would be gross, and IMO a JPG insufficient
  • Bookable Rooms: Absolute mess. simplify. Need to make decisions about whether rooms need their own articles or not. I think it could be a bit of both, short stuff all together for similar spaces (e.g. trot 5th floor) accompanied by their own individual pages. Individual pages unified by a template of some kind
  • EUS Spaces! The EUS Office, "Mall", and so on could be photographed by an aspiring so and so, description of general functions outlined. It's the 'physical cornerstone to the EUS, the fact that it's not updated is sad.

PPO: I understand they're kind of secretive, but they are firmly entrenched as a part of the EUS. They could even benefit from the exposure, people are intimidated by the group. Not having them in the wiki is turning a pretty raunchy blind eye, furthering the general stigma they present.

MESC: They pay people. I mean, can you imagine? Money? I bet they could devote some of their resources to pages on what they do, what ECC is, and so on. PROCEED WITH CAUTION and try and limit their reach on the wiki. I don't mean with literal user permissions, rather verbal agreements on not polluting the wiki, you know? Students for students, they've got so many ways to reach out to students as is.

EUS Mental Health Committee: After talking to Marion about updating the MHC on the wiki, I have come to learn that Mental Wellness is getting a revamp. Once council confirms a new version, we'll get more information

NAVBARS: Create navbars for all departmental societies to interlink within each other. As well as specific navbars for each society, e.g. CodeJam, Banquet, etc for ECSESS.


Tracking is a new form of, well, tracking the different pages across the wiki. It's built on the addition of hidden categories to pages that are the responsibility of explicit entities such as execs, departments, etc. It has not become so minute as individual groups yet as that would be unnecessarily trivial. The breakdown can be found in the Category:Tracking page, or in the below category tree.

'Edit: Needs a solid think to be organized. ideally with people in the know about EUS since there's just so many overlapping bits....

Major Pages

These pages are jump points to major resources on the wiki. If these pages are not constantly up to date the wiki loses it's credibility.

In Development

Another way to checkout what's going is by checking out the "What links here" for Template:Empty, Template:Stub, and Template:In Progress.

Reserved ToDos if Summer

  • Clubs constitutions
  • Make policy / bylaw script converter
  • Academic Section
  • MESC
  • GradComm section
  • Have commented out link to relevant spreadsheets
  • Learn about javascript page scrapers
  • Promo cases
  • Revised Financial Guidebook
  • Complete rentals section
  • Previous fund allocations (CFC, DTFC, SSF & Capital, DepTrip) for many years
  • Summary of BoG motions to date
  • Council summary motions to date