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EUS Homing Pigeon
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The EUS Homing Pigeon is an Alumni Broadcast published by the McGill Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) at the end of the Fall and Winter semesters to showcase student initiatives, accomplishments and EUS updates for alumni to view.


Founded in 2019, the EUS is working with the Faculty of Engineering University Advancement on a twice-a-year broadcast to McGill Engineering alumni. The purpose of this publication is to share interesting and impressive feats occurring at McGill by Engineering students. Ultimately, this will increase relations between current students and alumni by providing a platform where students can reach out to alumni with their achievements and successes, and alumni can receive updates about new student initiatives and information about upcoming events.


If you know, or are, a McGill Engineering student, club, committee, design team, service or departmental society that has accomplished something that you think is noteworthy or initiative, we want to know! Please fill out this form, and your story could be featured in the next issue of the EUS Homing Pigeon Alumni Broadcast! If you have any questions, please direct them to the EUS Homing Pigeon Editor at