Samosa Apocalypse

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The Samosa Apocalypse (or Samosacalypse) of 2019 was an epoch-making event of great pain and suffering which threatened to shake the very foundations of what makes a regular student a McGillite. The horrendous catastrophe, which occurred on Oct 22 2020, led to the closure of Samosa sales all around the campus, as darkness and plague beset McGill in a time of great mourning.

"It was as if the Earth had burst open and Satan himself hath descended unto us, setting alight every reckless soul with a 'Mose in hand"

-- r/McGill user thatRatFromBurnside.

The Removal

On October 22, 2020

The Reckoning

  • The following is an excerpt from the diary of a soul lost to hunger that followed the events of the Removal.

The Return