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Hack4Impact McGill is the McGill chapter of Hack4Impact, which is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization founded at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, with chapters at various colleges across the United States. The McGill chapter is the first Canadian chapter of Hack4Impact. The club's main purpose is to build software for non-profit organizations to help drive positive social impact. The club also hosts HackNights (where club members—and anyone that's interested—get together to work collaboratively in the same space) as well as several technical workshops every semester.

Hack4Impact McGill


Hack4Impact McGill began existing as a club in Fall 2019. In its first semester, the club started with two projects for a Bay Area-based non-profit and two development teams (one per project).

Current Executive Team

Role Person Email
President Albert Kragl president.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
VP Technology Yue Dai vptechnology.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
VP External Ali Shobeiri vpexternal.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
VP Internal Emma Eagles vpinternal.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
VP Events Jad Hamdan vpevents.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
VP Communications Nishat Prova vpcomm.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca
VP Finance Melissa Li vpfinance.hack4impact@mcgilleus.ca


The club recruits new members at the start of each semester. Once our application opens, we will make a post on our Facebook page and we will also table at the various activities nights (i.e. SSMU Activities Night, EUS Involvement Day and CSUS Activities Night). There are two types of applications: Developer and Executive.


To apply for a developer position, students fill out a Google Form with some basic information (e.g. name, email, anticipated commitment per week). Once a response is submitted, candidates will be asked to submit their resume/CV and complete a takehome assignment to complete their application. Though the takehome assignment is technical, we prioritize passion and commitment over technical ability.


To apply for an executive position, students fill out the same Google Form, but indicate that they are interested in an executive position. Depending on the position, students may still need to complete the takehome assignment. All students will need to submit the resume/CV and take part in an interview to complete their application. Students that are already club members will need to do the same application as non-members.


In the Fall 2019 semester, the club worked on the following projects:

CRM Tool

The non-profit we worked with (Move Up) expressed their desire to expand to 500+ clients and also to expand outside of the Bay Area. To help them achieve this goal, we worked on a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that would allow them to keep all of their client information in one unified application.

SMS Signup Tool

Related to the CRM tool project, this project would help Move Up reach more new clients by allowing them to sign up for Move Up's services by texting a dedicated phone number with their basic information.


Broadly speaking, the club hosts HackNights and technical workshops.

Hack Nights

The club hosts 1-2 Hack Nights per semester. This is an event that many other Hack4Impact chapters do as well; it allows members and non-members to get together and work collaboratively. Members can work together on their projects, and non-members can learn more about the club and get an idea of what it's like to be a member.

Technical Workshops

The club hosts 1-3 technical workshops per semester. These are typically related to the technology that we use for projects, including things like Git, Python and JavaScript.