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Chants are not supported by, nor do they represent the views of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University. If you have a complaint, please email


Who doesn't love chants? Well, some people, obviously. But we're engineers. We like them. Above you can navigate to all the chants currently uploaded to the wiki.
More chants are always welcome, if you'd like to add some simply request an account or email

When to Use

Chants are a symbol of engineering pride, merriment, and often debauchery; if you're ever looking to have a good time at a party, it's encouraged to begin chanting. This will signal to any engineers in the area that you're down to party.
Chants should not be used to make people uncomfortable, in quiet neighborhoods, or in the presence of grumpy coords. Please be respectful of others.

Safe Chants

If you're looking to sing your heart out, here is the engineering songbook