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Booking a room in McConnell can be accomplished via the McGill EUS Booking Website. This includes booking the Common Room, Committee Room, Infosys, Trottier 5th Floor Rooms, Clubs Hub, and The Cellar.

Booking a Room

When filling out a time slot on the website,, you must meet certain criteria. An email address, a time slot (maximum 3 hours), and a description are required to make a booking. The website is managed by the Space Manager; any questions can be sent to

It is very important that you specify in the description whether or not you will be needing music, sound with the projector or the microphone. In the case that you will be serving alcohol at your event you will need to have a liquor permit and all volunteers serving the alcohol must have their server training badges. Alcohol served must be provided by the EUS. It is best that you indicate that you've covered all these bases in the description so that the Space Manager or the VP Services don't come chasing after you.


ECSESS controls access to 5 rooms on 5th floor of the Lorne-Trottier Building. These spaces are only bookable on weekdays; with special permission they can be used during the weekend. For any questions, please contact ECSESS VP Administrator, who manages those spaces.

Common Room


On Friday night it is the location of Blues Pub, on all other days it is open to you!

Main Room

Book this for a casual meeting space when you have more people than the committee room will fit. There are tables and chairs in here.

Social Room

This is the room you want to book if you need a projector. The image below shows all the audio and visual connections available.

Games Room

Book this for a casual meeting. There's usually lots of furniture in here so it doesn't fit quite as many but it's more private than the main room.

Committee Room

Holds 15 people for a meeting.


Holds 5-10 people for a meeting.



The Educational COmmunity Living Environment offers three spaces free of charge, seating anywhere from 10 - 40 people. ECOLE spaces feature non-gendered washrooms, but are not wheelchair accessible. More information found here.


The McGill Engineering Student Center controls multiple spaces related to engineering, including a few computer labs. More information needs to be centralized on what they offer.

Sherbrooke 688

The 4th floor is full of classrooms that are unused and available weekdays after 5:30pm. There is no booking service to access these spaces, so first come first serve! They offer everything you expect classrooms to offer.