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The EUS Executives are the head honchos running the show on the day to day. Elected by the constituents (with the exception of the VP Finance, who is selcomm'd), executives oversee a majority of EUS committees, funds, and overall operations. Their purpose is to hold committees accountable, to liaise with the various external parties relevant to the respective portfolios, and to keep the ship afloat.


How is the EUS Executive Committee held accountable?

The EUS Executive Committee is accountable to the McGill Engineering Undergraduate student body through the EUS Council and the EUS General Assembly.
Additionally, the Executive Committee has a duty to report its activities twice during its members' mandate:

  1. The members of the Executive Committee shall prepare and submit to EUS Council a midterm report no later than January 30
  2. The members of the Executive Committee shall each prepare and submit a year-end report no later than May 15.


The executives are woven throughout the constitution, however they are primarily defined in Title II.

Summer Responsibilities

For the period from the last council of the school year to the 1st EUS Council meeting of the following school year, the powers of the EUS Council may be exercised by the Executive Committee.

Midterm Reports

Checkout some of the midterm reports from previous EUS Executives. Midterm Reports are the best snapshot we have into the accomplishments of executive teams, as the final reports are kept confidential.