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EUS VP Events 2022-2023
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Current: Michael "Ed Sheeran" Parsons
Office Hours

The EUS VP Events works in conjunction with the VP Internal to develop cultural, social, and athletic programming for the McGill Engineering community. The VP Events portfolio includes several ongoing committees such as EAC and ESC, and the MERTW and Ski Trip committees, which revolve around annual events. Additionally, the VP Events oversees the graduation committee along with athletic activities through EUS Sports. The VP Events also works jointly with the VP Internal and each department to develop inter-departmental programming and initiatives throughout the year.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The VP Events shall:

  1. Organize social, cultural, athletic and other activities for the members of the EUS;
  2. Oversee graduation events;
  3. Implement initiatives to promote involvement in EUS Groups for the members of the EUS in conjunction with the VP Internal;


Midterm Reports

Year Name Link
2022-2023 Michael Parsons To be submitted
2021-2022 Kells Moore Midterm Report