Executive Midterm Reports

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Every year, the Executive Committee of the EUS is required to submit a midterm report to council. These are public documents outlining what they've done so far, giving a little taste as to what it's like to be an executive for the EUS. The final exit report at the end of the year is confidential, as they tend to include information on how certain volunteers/chairs preform, and what can be improved.

Year Name Link
2018-2019 Alex Scheffel To be submitted
2017-2018 Jessica McAvoy To be submitted
2016-2017 Jean-Louis Shi Midterm Report
2015-2016 Mariam Hachem Midterm Report
2014-2015 Robert Forestell Midterm Report
2013-2014 Carlos Marin Not Found
2012-2013 Simon Zhu Midterm Report
2011-2012 Josh Redel Midterm Report
2010-2011 Daniel Keresteci Not Found
2009-2010 Andrew Doyle Not Found
2008-2009 Lesley Wake Midterm Report
Year Name Link
2018-2019 Niloufar Siraj To be submitted
2017-2018 Raphi Zonis To be submitted
2016-2017 Katherine Duff Midterm Report
2015-2016 Marc Chelala Midterm Report
2014-2015 Alex Grant Midterm Report
2013-2014 Andrea Gideon Midterm Report
2012-2013 James Austin Midterm Report
2011-2012 Harold Day Midterm Report
2010-2011 Jonathan Lipsitz Not Found
2009-2010 Jonathan Lipsitz Not Found
2008-2009 Ahmad Rashid Midterm Report
Year Name Link
2018-2019 Alex Hale To be submitted
2017-2018 Saad Waseem To be submitted
2016-2017 Malcolm McClintock Midterm Report
2015-2016 Camille Warner Not Found
2014-2015 Ashkaan Mohtashami Midterm Report
2013-2014 Luis Pombo Not Found
2012-2013 Jason Willems Midterm Report
2011-2012 Carla Morawicz Midterm Report
2010-2011 Josh Redel Midterm Report
2009-2010 Patrick Diez Not Found
2008-2009 Thomas Kirk Midterm Report
Year Name Link
2018-2019 James Halliday Midterm Report
2018 Canon Wan Chun Wah Not Found
2017 Justin Hunt Midterm Report
2016-2017 Jessica Dakkak Midterm Report
2015-2016 Jean-Louis Shi Midterm Report
2014-2015 Marc-Olivier Granger Midterm Report
2013-2014 Bryan Gingras Midterm Report
2012-2013 Ulysse Lechene Midterm Report
2011-2012 Myriam Desranleau Midterm Report
2010-2011 None Not Found
2009-2010 Tedi Angoni Not Found
2008-2009 Courtney Lessard Midterm Report
Year Name Link
2018-2019 Yiming (Sunny) Sun To be submitted
2017-2018 Alec Thomlison To be submitted
2016-2017 Pentcho Tchomakov Midterm Report
2015-2016 Ian Richardson Midterm Report
2014-2015 David Bailey Midterm Report
2013-2014 Zachery Oman Not Found
2012-2013 Zachary Moreland Midterm Report
2011-2012 Luca KruitWagen Midterm Report
2010-2011 Etienne de Muelenaere Not Found
2009-2010 Hrair (Ray) Tonkian Not Found
2008-2009 John Danby Midterm Report
Year Name Link
2018-2019 Laurent Chenet To be submitted
2017-2018 Amara Slaymaker To be submitted
2016-2017 Mitchell Dumont Midterm Report
2015-2016 Matthew Osborne Midterm Report
2014-2015 Justin Beaveridge Midterm Report
2013-2014 Eric Küper Not Found
2012-2013 Asa Davis Midterm Report
2011-2012 Paul Nobel Midterm Report
2010-2011 Allan Cyril Not Found
2009-2010 William Farrell Not Found
2008-2009 Kirsten Tiedje Not Found
Year Name Link
2018-2019 Austin L'Ecuyer To be submitted
2017-2018 Kareem Halabi To be submitted
2016-2017 Erin Holley Midterm Report
2015-2016 Christopher Sarlos Midterm Report
2014-2015 Justin Dalrymple Not Found
2013-2014 Nicolas Westgate Not Found
2012-2013 JR Giha Midterm Report
2011-2012 Romina Nadeem Midterm Report
2010-2011 Laura Richardson Not Found
2009-2010 Sarah Waseem Not Found
2008-2009 Karen Bodie Midterm Report
Year Name Link
2018-2019 Marion Olivier To be submitted
2017-2018 Leila Hawa To be submitted
2016-2017 Nicolas Proulx-Jones (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2015-2016 Jessica McAvoy (VP Clubs & Admin) Not found
2014-2015 Robyn Conway (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2013-2014 Lianna Yang (VP Clubs & Admin) Not Found
2012-2013 Morgan Grobin (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2011-2012 Zachery Oman (Gareth Yu?) (VP Clubs & Admin) Midterm Report
2010-2011 None None
2009-2010 Ali Najmabadi (VP Administration) Not Found
2008-2009 Sarah Waseem (VP Administration) Not Found