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List of Motions

YYYY-MM-DD # Type Item Notes Decision
2016-10-02 6.1 Discussion Recruitment Policy Adoption None N/A
6.2 Motion New Initiative Policy Ratification Passed in spirit, was already approved by executive committee over the summer Postponed
6.3 Motion Ratification of CRO and Adoption of Electoral Schedule Schedule not prepared, postponed accordingly Postponed
6.4 Notice Prepare for Blacklisting Committee Creation Committee created at the beginning of every year Postponed
6.5 Motion Ratification of List of Committees List created at the beginning of every year of committees and their respective chairs. Passed
6.6 Motion Budget Review Committee Creation General Members: Amir Nizami, Maxence Frenette, Pauline Kress, Maana Javaadi Passed
6.7 Motion Clubs Fund Committee Creation Michael Chan, Hillary Williams, Noel Bergereon Passed
6.8 Motion PBRC Committee Formation Mike Harvey, Vivian Campbell, Alec Thomlison, Michael Bulua, John Chan, Azat ?, Evan ?, Tre Mansdoerfer Passed
6.9 Motion Existence of Mining CoOp Fee Referendum Referendum question will exist, wording to be decided at later council Passed
6.10 Motion Appointment of General EUS Member for CDE Delegation SelComm Dimitri Calomiris will be the general member to sit on CDE delegation selcomm. Passed
2016-10-12 6.1 Presentation Budget Review Session Fall 2017 budget is presented by Budget Director & VP Finance, grouped by executive portfolio N/A
6.2 Motion Budget Approval Approval of 6.1 presentation Passed
6.3 Motion Text of Co-op Fee Referendum (Mining) Vote to begin the fee increase question for mining co-op program Passed
6.4 Motion Election Schedule The schedule that outlines election period in Winter 2017 Passed
6.5 Motion Allocation of a vote at EUS Council to the U1 Bio-Engineering Reps The new department does not have a student society yet, U1 Bioengineering Representatives have been selected. This grants them the power to voice by vote at council Passed
6.6 Motion SSFC F16 Creation No information in the minutes. Postponed
6.7 Motion The Formation of the EUS Event's Blacklisting Committee Members unlisted in minutes, committee exists in the case a blacklisting is requested as per relevant bylaws. Passed
2016-10-26 6.1 Notice Proposal for SSMU Furnishing Phase 1 Proposal Proposal for $1100 to furnish new space in SSMU Building N/A
6.2 Notice Committee Room Renovation Proposal $1339.36 in total N/A
6.3 Motion Selection to the SSF Committee Nick Clarke, Mike Harvey, Leo Lamanuzzi, Naif ? Selected Passed
6.4 Motion Motion for the EUS to endorce the conduct of Engineering Senator Elections through EUS Elections Move engineering senator from SSMU's jurisdiction to EUS Passed
6.5 Discussion Involvement within the EUS None N/A
6.6 Motion Adoption of Recruitment Policy Policy outlines best practice for recruiting new members. Passed
6.7 Motion CopiEUS Manager Bylaws Agglomeration of CopiEUS, G-Store, Frostbite manager bylaws into one motion. Multiple votes to return it to PBRC failed. Passed
6.8 Motion Cube Manager Bylaws Creation of the Cube Manager position, responibsilities, etc. Passed
6.9 Motion Frostbite Manager Bylaws Frostbite bylaws are removed and absorbed into 6.7 Passed
6.10 Motion G-Store Manager Bylaws G-Store bylaws are removed and absorbed into 6.7 Passed
2016-11-09 5.1 Presentation Bioengineering Representatives Outlines their steps to become a department N/A
5.2 Presentation McGill Rocket Team Proposal for SSMU Furnishing (Phase 2) Request for $2000, phase 2 of a presentation given the previous council N/A
5.3 Presentation Simvo Promotion of engineering course planning N/A
5.4 Presentation Capital fund Plumber's Station Includes notice of motion for following council N/A
6.1 Motion Proposal for SSMU Funding Phase 1 See previous council meeting for presentation Passed
6.2 Motion Financial Bylaws Amendment Adds stipulations for credit card policy (6.3) Passed
6.3 Motion Credit Card Policy Creation of credit card policy, who can use it, who approves it, what dollar value is required. Passed
6.4 Motion DTFC Allocations Dedicating $19,000 to DTFC Passed
6.5 Motion CFC Allocation Approval of allocations made by the CFC Passed
6.6 Motion SSF Allocation None Striked
6.7 Motion SSF Capital Committee Room Renovation Proposal None Passed
6.8 Discussion EUSF Bylaw Changes General support of allowing technicians/Tas to be hired using EUSFunds N/A
6.9 Discussion Wellness Survey None N/A
6.10 Motion SEAM Bylaws Added an advisory board made up of members from TISED, MESC, and more Passed
6.11 Motion Sustainability Commissioner Bylaws Creation of section outlining Sustainability Coordinator selection and responsibilities added to SEAM bylaws (6.10) Passed
6.12 Motion McGill Engineering Competition Committee Bylaws Merger of MEC lite and MEC bylaws Passed
6.13 Motion Engineering Games Committee Bylaws Selection of EngGames committee has been moved to January to reflect timeline of the games Passed
2016-11-23 7.1 Motion Foundation of a Bioengineering Departmental Society Motion to create BUSS constiutional review committee created Passed in part
7.2 Motion CFES Congress 2019 Bid None Passed
7.3 Motion Modifying the Design Team Fund Expiration Date Design Team Fund will require renewal every 5 years, next taking place in 2020 Passed
7.4 Motion Amendment to the Common Room Budget 2016-2017 Amend common room budget to include hiring contractor to install new projector and fix sound Passed
7.5 Motion SSFC Plumber's Station Equipment See previous council meeting for presentation Passed
7.6 Discussion Governance Motion to create committee to discuss governance passed N/A
7.7 Discussion Executive Feedback Moved to take place after council Passed
7.8 Motion Amendment of SEAM SSF Allocation To reapprove SEAMs SSF Blues Pub Cup allocation Failed
7.9 Motion Plumbers' Student Design Committee Bylaws Creation of PSD Bylaws, some small wordings were changed Passed
2017-01-09 6.1 Notice Clubs Hub Renovation Proposal Total proposal for $15,046.00 N/A
6.2 Notice Painting & Card Readers None N/A
6.3 Motion Updating CEUS Constitution Out of order, does not require council to be updated Failed
6.4 Motion VP Student Life Shifting gradcom, mental health, SEAM, and JC to VP Student Life, renaming the position, changing mandate small scale to go to referendum Passed
6.5 Motion Common Room Booking Policy Not legally allowed to charge for the space, the clause is removed from bylaws Passed
6.6 Motion Committee Room & Infosys Booking Policy None Postponed
6.7 Motion EUSF Surplus Plan General agreement to lower EUSF due to consistent surplusses, presentation promised to follow at a later date Passed
6.8 Motion Congress Committee Creation McGill selected to host CFES Congress in 2019, chairs need to be selected Passed
6.9 Discussion BioEngineering Meeting Discuss details on constitution, date needed to be decided upon. N/A
2017-01-24 5.1 Presentation EUS Rocket Team Capital Fund Rocket Team offered space in McConnell as opposed to SSMU, requires a bit more money, motion to approve budget created at front of new business N/A
5.3 Presentation Fall Reading Break Engineering Senator provides background on why there's no Fall Reading Break N/A
6.1 Notice Frostbite POS Capital Expense Frostbite needs POS to comply with food sale MoA negotiations N/A
6.2 Notice Common Room AV Capital Expense Switching earlier budget reallocation to fall under capital fund (now that the expenses have been made). To be voted on at following council. N/A
6.3 Notice Mining SSF Capital Proposal Adding more furniture to Mining Lounge, spurns conversation on the nature of fees for lounge. N/A
6.4 Motion Rocket Team Capital Account See previous council meeting for presentation Passed
6.5 Motion Formation of Bioengineering Undergraduate Society Constitution finally approved, to be approved by referendum. Passed
6.6 Motion DTFC, CFC Committee Creation DTFC doesn't need reg, CFC received Ryan Wong, Alec Thomlison, Hillary Williams Passed
6.7 Motion Clubs Hub Renovation Proposal See previous council meeting for presentation; general scrutiny over prices, largely accepted. Passed
6.8 Motion DRO Selection Approval of Deputy Returning Officers for departmental elections Passed
6.9 Discussion EUS Space None N/A
6.10 Motion EUS Mall See previous council meeting for presentation Passed
2017-02-07 5.1 Presentation Mental Health Report See report for data; positive discussion ensues N/A
5.2 Presentation Endowment Fund Discussion ensues regarding the morality of investing student money. N/A
5.3 Presentation Budget Review Review of Winter 2017 Budget Passed
5.4 Presentation Role of Student Societies Administrators EUS Lawyer brought in to discuss the nature of administrators, does not feel well and needs to leave. Postponed (indefinitely) N/A
6.1 Motion Mining Capital Fund Proposal See previous council for presentation Passed
6.2 Discussion Amendment of Clubs & Design Team Bylaws Reviewing the clause requiring club executives to be 2/3 engineering students N/A
6.3 Motion The Austin Amendment Amending Alcohol Policy to allow sale of alcohol to reflect McGill practice (earlier in the day than previous) Passed
6.4 Motion Amendment to the EPTS Bylaws Codifying creation of award to recognize outstanding EPTS tutor Passed
6.5 Motion Frostbite POS Fund Proposal See presentation from previous council Passed
2017-02-21 5.1 Presentation G-Store Patches Promotion of sale of patches at G-Store N/A
5.2 Presentation Formation of Board of Governors General discussion (again) regarding the Board of Governors and what it would look like N/A
5.3 Presentation EUSF W17 Allocation Presenting what EUSF was dedicated to in the Winter 2017 semester. Discussion including changing renewal duration. N/A
6.1 Notice Renewal of EUSF None N/A
6.2 Notice Formation of Board of Governors None N/A
6.3 Notice VP Student Life None N/A
6.4 Notice Recognition of the Bioengineering Student Society None N/A
6.5 Notice MEUS Constitution Amendments Notifying council of the (essentially) rewritten MEUS Constitution. Cleaned up, reworked VP positions regarding co-op terms N/A
6.6 Notice Updating ECSESS Terms of Reference Creation of new VP to oversee The Factory and Codejam N/A
6.7 Motion Endowment Fund Bylaws See previous council presentation Passed
6.8 Motion CFC and DTFC Funds Allocation Ratification None Passed
6.9 Motion Ratification of the Amended Constitution of the ASA Updating constitution to reflect x2 people per position (as is currently done) and the division of responsibilities therein Passed
6.10 Motion Nullification of the ASA Bylaws Related to previous motion Passed
6.11 Motion VP Internal Budget Modification Altering EAC, ESC, Blues Pub budgets to reflect their current state, increase towards volunteer banquet. Passed
2017-03-07 5.1 Presentation The Factory None N/A
6.1 Motion Renewal of EUSF See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.2 Motion Formation of Board of Governors See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.3 Motion VP Student Life See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.4 Motion Recognition of the Bionengineering Student Society See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.5 Motion MEUS Constitution Amendments See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.6 Motion Updating the ECSESS Terms of Reference See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.7 Motion Amendment to VP Communications Budget Addition of funds to hold a Wiki Wine&Cheese Passed
6.8 Motion SSF Committee Creation Yannis Issiakhem, Liam Alman, Alec Thomlison, Malcolm McClintock selected Passed
2017-03-21 6.0 Notice MEDN Computers SSF Capital Expense Approximately $5200 to be spent on 4 computers for MEDN, two new two replacements. N/A
6.1 Motion Inclusion of BUSS in the bylaws of the EUS BUSS hasn't been officially recognized by referendum yet, postponed Postponed
6.2 Motion Space Management Bylaws Space manager position reevaluated, now includes pay and more duties (such as barbecues, approving room bookings, and more). Reduced from potential of 2 people to 1. Passed
6.3 Motion ECSESS Factory Capital Fund Application See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.4 Motion Blacklisting Policy Amendment A variety of errors were found since the policies inception; updates were created by joint effort of McGill legal clinic, equity committee, & exec team Passed
6.5 Motion Creation of Selection Committee for Board of Governors Members at Large Maana Javaadi, Alexander Dow, Hillary Williams, Dimitri Calomiris selected. Committee created to select first four members off BoG if the referendum question passes Passed
6.6 Motion OAP Bylaws Updates bylaws to reflect current practices, VP Finance amended to be in a position more geared towards oversight Passed
6.7 Motion Create an Associate Member of the EUS To make Jasmin de Campos an associate member of the EUS so that she may hold the position of chair of the O-Week Committee Failed
6.8 Motion Councillor of the Year Secret ballot for councillor of the year, to be awarded at Volunteer Banquet N/A
2017-04-04 5.1 Presentation Departmental Budgets Each department presents it's budget to council, questioned with scrutiny. N/A
6.1 Notice CEUS Capital Fund Allocation Civil looking to increase lounge security with card reader, council votes to recommend executive committee to approve the funding (as capital expenses require notice and this is the final council) Passed
6.2 Motion Creation of IT Committee Policy Confluence of TeN, website, and the wiki into one joint committee. Question split to approve of the overall structure, specific sections sent for further review by BoG Passed in part
6.3 Motion Ratification of Associate Member Revisiting of Jasmin de Campos, approved. Passed
6.4 Motion Mental Health Committee Policy Mental health committee created in an official capacity to reflect it's inception at he beginning of the academic year Passed
6.5 Motion O-Week Committee Bylaws Cleaned up unecessarily complex bylaws. Passed
6.6 Motion E-Week Bylaws Cleaned up in a nearly identical way to O-Week Passed
6.7 Motion Inclusion of BUSS in PBRC Bylaws Acknowledging the newly created departmental society, BUSS Passed
6.8 Motion Inclusion of BUSS in EUSF Bylaws Acknowledging the newly created departmental society, BUSS Passed
6.9 Motion Inclusion of BUSS in EFC Bylaws Acknowledging the newly created departmental society, BUSS Passed
6.10 Motion Space Director Bylaws Official creation of the Space Director position, which had been held for the academic year to date Passed
6.11 Motion EUS Endorsement of the SSMU Open letter for MCMHS EUS endorsement to SSMU's letter to McGill Counseling & Mental Health Services Passed
6.12 Motion Capital Allocation MEDN Computers See notice of motion from previous council Passed
6.13 Motion Ratification of the BoG Members at Large 4 members selected by selection committee created in previous council (as referendum question passed). Names not listed. Passed
6.14 Motion Finance Director Bylaws Budget director renamed, few minor changes added to the portfolio. Passed

List of Members