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Folder Minutes Reports

YYYY-MM-DD # Type Item Notes Decision
2017-09-30 6.01 Motion Referendum to Increase the Society Fee Motion for council to support increasing the societies' fee in the upcoming referendum Passed
6.02 Motion Referendum to Increment the Society Fee According to Inflation Motion for council to support the referendum question to allow the societies' fee to increase with respect to inflation. Striked after some debate due to lack of specificity on the numbers in question. Striked
6.03 Motion Referendum to Increase the DTF Fee Motion for council to support the DTF fee increase Passed
6.04 Motion Selection of New Members for Board of Governors Members of the BoG are selected at the beginning of every fall semester by council. The discussion goes to a confidential session, after which Alex Scheffel, Katharine Callahan, Thomas Hillyer, and Gareth Price have been elected. Passed
6.05 Motion Selection of the Members at Large for Special Budget Review Meeting Initially before 6.04, moved afterwards so BoG could be selected. Members to sit on F2017 budget review. Passed
6.06 Motion Selection of Members at Large for CDE SelComm A general member must sit on the selcomm which decides CDE delegates. Ajay Patel is selected. Passed
2017-10-10 5.01 Presentation AVEQ VP External of SSMU presents the upcoming potential referendum question regarding joining the provincial student society AVEQ. 6.03 created to discuss afterwards. N/A
5.02 Presentation Bike Centre Student presents the long-deliberated bike center in the SSMU garage. This outlines the plan for financing, space, and the referendum question that may be put forward. N/A
6.01 Motion New Associate Members of the EUS x2 new blues pub managers needed to be selected due to complications over the summer, the two selected applicants Amit Singer and Fair Lyons need to become Associate EUS Members to hold the position. Passed
6.02 Motion General Assembly Chair of the Board of Governors outlines the upcoming General Assembly (which hasn't taken place in many years) to legally officiate previous decisions made by the society. Council members must attend, council must approve the motion for the General Assembly to be called. Passed
6.03 Discussion AVEQ Most oppose the notion of paying a total of $150k in student fees annually to join the group for one vote. N/A
6.04 Motion Ratification of Namrata Khopkar as Engineering Representative to SSMU The elected SSMU Rep from march dropped out, a selection committee was created, needs to be ratified by EUS Council Passed
6.05 Motion Event Blacklisting Policy Amend the blacklisting policy to include notice of investigation to suspect with details, excluding extraneous circumstances. Passed
6.06 Motion Support for Survivors and Accused Affected by Event Blacklisting Policy Include mental health support on a case by case basis to suspects & accused as needed Passed
6.07 Motion EWB Fee Renewal Support for referendum question to change the perpetual EWB fee to need renewal, as the former is illegal. Passed
6.08 Motion Blacklisting Investigative Committee Members at Large Selection of members of blacklisting committees for the academic year, as is usual. Gareth Price, Arman Izadi, Noelle Bergeron, and Namrata Khopkar are selected. Passed
6.09 Motion CFC Committee Members at Large Selection of CFC members for the Fall 2017 clubs fund distribution. Pauline Kress, Kevin Alforque, and Ameer Nizami are selected. Passed
2017-10-25 6.01 Presentation Electoral Calendar as presented by CRO Outlines referendum calendar, goals for referendum turnout. N/A
7.01 Motion Support of Letter to PM Trudeau Science & Policy Exchange are gathering support from student societies for a letter sent to Trudeau regarding the importance of transparency in science and upholding funding of scientific endeavours Passed
7.02 Motion Student Space Fund Committee Selection of F2017 SSF general members. Leila Hawa, Ameer Nizami, Michael Mardini, and John Karpuk selected. Passed
7.03 Notice Subsidized Drinking Event Policy Creation of a new policy to add restrictions on certain events providing alcohol and their funding therein. Largely discussion based, negatively received by many, the motion is to be updated according to sentiments shared without compromising initial sentiment. N/A
7.04 Motion Council Future Meeting Dates Trying to set institutional dates of Council (as SSMU & AUS do, for example) rather than deciding every year. Removed by mover Striked
7.05 Discussion Library Improvement Fund Promotion of the student fee supported Library Improvement Fund, discussion on improving libraries N/A