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Clubs within the EUS are collectively under the portfolio of the VP Student Life

Distinguishing Features

What makes a club different than a committee, design team, other?

  • Clubs are different from committees in that their mandate is not directly to support the purpose of EUS; that is to say that clubs can operate within their own vision.
  • Clubs are often a chapter of a national branch; for example NOBE, EWB, EIA and NSBE are all McGill specific chapters within a larger national, or even international organization.
  • Clubs have their own space, currently known as Clubs Hub
  • Clubs are held accountable explicitly by the VP Student Life and the Clubs Council, and is represented by the Clubs Rep who sits on the EUS Council.


EUS clubs are primarily governed by the Clubs and Design Team Bylaws. This document outlines what is required to become a club, what distinguishes a club from a design team, and their representation on council. Clubs also must adhere to the Clubs Fund Bylaws, which outlines how clubs may apply for funding through the EUS. Title II and Section IX of the EUS Constitution is a bare rundown, and does not provide any more information than what is covered in the bylaws; it exists for legal acknowledgement of clubs as a type of EUS groups.

The formation of new clubs is managed by the VP Student Life and the Clubs Director, as per the Clubs and Design Team Bylaws. All new club application must be submitted via the New EUS Clubs Application form, which is regularly check and managed by the VP Student Life.