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Engineering Investment Group
EIG logo short.png
Founded: 2012
Executive Team
Co-Presidents Luka Jurisic & Karl Eid
VP Finance Paul Fournier
VP Sponsorship Benjamin Shao
VP Communications Nadim Zaroubi
VP Speaker Relations Reda El Khili
VP Tech & Media Preyansh Kaushik
Fund Manager Karl Eid
Events Director Celine Nader
Website Facebook LinkedIn

The Engineering Investment Group aims to bridge the gap between engineering and finance by providing opportunities for engineering students to learn about the ever-changing world of finance. We educate engineering students through real-life investment activities and events. We wish to create a community of finance oriented individuals to share their thoughts and challenge each other’s ideas. The key objectives of the group are to showcase the merit of McGill Engineering students to large financial institutions and for members to both gain and demonstrate investment skills and knowledge.

Become a member by signing up using this Google form. Members receive a monthly email informing them of upcoming events and get priority for all EIG events and resources.

Primary Events

Speaker Series

EIG organizes several information sessions throughout the academic year that aim to educate engineering students about the diverse world of finance. These lunch-and-learn styled lectures usually revolve around topics such as personal finance, portfolio management, investment banking, fixed income analysis, and wealth management. These speaker series host lecturers from both academic (business faculty professors) and corporate (industry expert) backgrounds.

Stock Pitch Competition

The Stock Pitch Competition allows students to learn, apply and understand the fundamentals of stock valuation, macroeconomic analysis and asset allocation. The competition is an all-day event, starting with keynote speeches, followed by an hour long workshop on “How to Pitch a Stock”. Students are then divided into teams of four and each team is given 3 hours to analyze the information provided. After that, each team is required to prepare and deliver a 10 minute presentation with their recommendation, and respond to a 5 minute Q&A period in front of a panel of judges.

Trading Simulation

The EIG stock trading simulation allows engineering students to test their instincts in the stock market. Participants create an investopedia account and are given 100 000 USD and 100 000 CAD in virtual money to trade on both US and Canadian market. Participants are ranked based on their trading strategy and performance on both US and Canadian market. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive awards and get a chance to be part of the EIG fund team.

Bank Tours

EIG holds bank tours at local banks where students are invited to meet with finance professionals and explore Montreal finance offices. These tours provide an excellent learning opportunity for students to gain an understanding of different career paths available to them. Students are also encouraged to network and gain valuable connections within the finance community.