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McGill aCADemy strives to benefit engineering students at McGill University; this is accomplished through its instruction of CAD and the development of “CAD fluency.” Furthermore, the program’s executives and tutors understand the value of refining this skill, as it becomes a very relevant asset in the career of any engineer and is essential in the creation and formulation of any project. As a result, McGill aCADemy will strive to instill a sense of confidence in new engineers/EUS members, providing them with the skills necessary to attract employment and enable them to obtain opportunities that are dependent on this skill.

McGill aCADemy


McGill aCADemy was founded in the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the pandemic's implications, all initial promotions and events were carried out through online platforms.

Current Executive Team

Role Person Email
President Nima Hemati
VP Internal Mees Franssen
VP Communications Annabel Jones
VP Finance Maximilian Lindeis
VP Events Jackson Mundie
VP External Marcus Kam
Senior Advisor Alexander Gupta



Tutors are to be recruited by executives and vetted prior to becoming part of McGill aCADemy’s roster. After being approved by the president or the VP Internal, the tutor must be trained to administer McGill aCADemy’s curriculum. Those who have completed MECH 290/289 or are part of a design team are preferred in this selection process. For those who are interested to join the club's roster, they should fill out the Google Form found at the bottom of McGill aCADemy's website.


In order for an executive position to be made vacant, there are two methods in place which can achieve this:

  • A vote of no confidence proposed by any executive, which is then passed through a Google Form; a valid reason for this vote must be proposed (e.g misconduct/failure to achieve one’s duties).
  • Voluntary resignation by an executive at the end of their term, which is done in good faith.

All executives must fill out an exit report prior to their departure, providing a summary of how their position was managed over the course of their power.



The club hosts weekly workshops during the course of the academic year, with the exception of exam months. These workshops demonstrate interesting ways of modelling complex geometry, whilst keeping it lighthearted for those who are looking wind down.


Occasionally, McGill aCADemy will host Q&As to address the concerns of the student body; feedback will be taken to improve the quality of services, as well as additional features that may be desired.