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A typical account printout

A Printout is the financial statement of an EUS account at the current time. It outlines all expenses and revenues that an EUS group has incurred so far. For the most current printout, you can send an e-mail to the VP Finance. There is an online database of printouts that are updated every few weeks located at

Make sure to checkout the list of accounts to find your groups' printouts.

Reading Printouts

  • Expenses are only entered after Isabella prepares the cheques on Wednesdays
  • Deposits are only entered biweekly during the school year
  • Credit = Net Revenue (only post tax revenue will show up)
  • Debit = Net Expenses (only pre tax expenses will show up if you attached the correct tax amount and tax code of the cheque req)
  • Net Charge line: if you see a negative number, it means that you made money. If you see a positive number, it means that you are in deficit.

Requesting Printouts

You must ask the VP Finance to prepare a printout of your accounts for you prior to record verification. They will probably be producing these for you according to a regular schedule anyway, but you can always ask if you have not received it.