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FOAPAL (fund, org, account, program, activity, location) is an accounting system used throughout McGill University, identifying the various parties by said criteria. FOAPAL aids in easy transactions by identified parties; it is limited to organizations directly associated with McGill, e.g. faculties, professors, departments, services.
The EUS is not part of McGill (see What Is the EUS), and is therefore not entitled payment through FOAPAL; however, we do have a FOAPAL identification number


Let the VP Finance know if you use the FOAPAL number so that funds or charges are accounted for properly.


Things that the EUS FOAPAL can be used for:

  • McGill Security Charges
  • McGill Grounds Charges
  • McGill Building Charges (porter)

Things that the EUS FOAPAL cannot be used for:

  • Receiving money from MESC, IEEE, MIAE, or other McGill departments
  • Receiving money from external companies
  • Paying for Work Orders in the Machine Tool Lab
  • McGill Travel Services
  • Anything internal to the McGill Banner System

Essentially, the only groups that should be using the EUS FOAPAL are OAP, EUS Sports, and MEC. Potentially another group if there are porter charges for your event.
For departments, and you’re using McGill Travel Services, ask the department if you can use their McGill FOAPAL and then have them invoice the EUS. Or ask for McGill Travel Services to issue invoices to the EUS, but they’re not super cooperative sometimes.


To send money: Check out the Cheque Req page to request a cheque to whomever you're looking to pay. Make sure you have a proper invoice before filing for a check!
To receive money: Simply request the persons you are dealing with write a check payable to the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University

TL;DR The EUS has a FOAPAL, but cannot send or receive payments via FOAPAL