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The account names and numbers can also be found in the account booklet in the EUS office. The accounts here are the active and sorted by committee, club, department and design team.
Account numbers follow a really simple form. XYYZ-YY. X tells you if it’s a Rev or Exp Account. Even values of X correspond to Rev Accounts while odd values correspond to Exp Accounts. YY is your department number which separates all the accounts. Z is your index if you have multiple accounts with the same department number. Most groups just have a Rev and Exp Account so it’s really easy to just remember your department number and the pattern that your revenue account will either start with 4 or 6 and your expense account will start with 5 or 7.

Account numbers are necessary to navigate printouts.


This list below was last updated in the Financial Guidebook v2.2, and may not reflect all organizations. A PDF of the full list can be found here: Account Numbers

Account Number Account Name Exec
4960-96 Architecture-Misc Rev Architecture
4961-96 Architecture-Clothing Rev Architecture
4962-96 Architecture-Food Rev Architecture
4964-96 Architecture-Beer Rev Architecture
4965-96 Architecture-Trips Rev Architecture
4966-96 Architecture-Supply Store Rev Architecture
5960-96 Architecture-Dept Exp Architecture
5961-96 Architecture-Clothing Exp Architecture
5962-96 Architecture-Food Exp Architecture
5963-96 Architecture-Photocopy Exp Architecture
5964-96 Architecture-Trips Exp Architecture
5965-96 Architecture-Beer Exp Architecture
5966-96 Architecture-Supply Store Exp Architecture
6960-96 Bio Engineering-Misc. Rev Bio Engineering
6961-96 Bio Engineering-Clothing Rev Bio Engineering
6962-96 Bio Engineering-Food Rev Bio Engineering
6964-96 Bio Engineering-Beer Rev Bio Engineering
6965-96 Bio Engineering-Trips Rev Bio Engineering
6966-96 Bio Engineering-DesignTeam Rev Bio Engineering
7960-96 Bio Engineering-Dept Exp Bio Engineering
7961-96 Bio Engineering-Clothing Exp Bio Engineering
7962-96 Bio Engineering-Food Exp Bio Engineering
7963-96 Bio Engineering-Photocopy Exp Bio Engineering
7964-96 Bio Engineering-Trips Exp Bio Engineering
7965-96 Bio Engineering-Beer Exp Bio Engineering
7966-96 Bio Engineering-DesignTeam Exp Bio Engineering
4910-91 Chem-Misc. Rev Chemical
4911-91 Chem-Clothing Rev Chemical
4912-91 Chem-Food Rev Chemical
4914-91 Chem-Beer Rev Chemical
4915-91 Chem-Trips Rev Chemical
5910-91 Chem-Dept Exp Chemical
5911-91 Chem-Clothing Exp Chemical
5912-91 Chem-Food Exp Chemical
5913-91 Chem-Photocopy Exp Chemical
5914-91 Chem-Beer Exp Chemical
5915-91 Chem-Trips Exp Chemical
4900-90 Civil-Misc Rev Civil
4901-90 Civil-Clothing Rev Civil
4902-90 Civil-Food Rev Civil
4904-90 Civil-Beer Rev Civil
4905-90 Civil-Trips Rev Civil
4906-90 Civil-Colloquium Rev Civil
4907-90 Civil-External Rev Civil
5900-90 Civil-Dept Exp Civil
5901-90 Civil-Clothing Exp Civil
5902-90 Civil-Food Exp Civil
5903-90 Civil-Photocopy Exp Civil
5904-90 Civil-Beer Exp Civil
5905-90 Civil-Trips Exp Civil
5906-90 Civil-Colloquium Exp Civil
5907-90 Civil-External Exp Civil
6080-08 McGill Students' Flying Club Rev Club
6081-08 McGill Students' Flying Club Air Race Rev Club
7080-08 McGill Students' Flying Club Exp Club
7081-08 McGill Students' Flying Club Air Race Exp Club
6102-10 NSBE Club Rev Club
7102-10 NSBE Club Exp Club
6110-11 SEP Club Rev Club
7110-11 SEP Club Exp Club
4120-12 EIG Rev Club
5120-12 EIG Exp Club
6130-13 CSCE Club Rev Club
7130-13 CSCE Club Exp Club
6160-16 MIG Club Rev Club
7160-16 MIG Club Exp Club
6170-17 Inactive - MAMSS Club Rev Club
7170-17 Inactive - MAMSS Club Exp Club
6180-18 ASHRAE McGill Club Rev Club
7180-18 ASHRAE McGill Club Exp Club
6190-19 ICC Club Rev Club
7190-19 ICC Club Exp Club
6200-20 MSPE Club Rev Club
7200-20 MSPE Club Exp Club
6230-23 GameDev McGill Club Rev Club
7230-23 GameDev McGill Club Exp Club
4250-25 Queer Engineer Rev Club
5250-25 Queer Engineer Exp Club
6400-40 Lean Initiative Club Rev Club
7400-40 Lean Initiative Club Exp Club
6555-55 Hack4Impact Club Rev Club
7555-55 Hack4Impact Club Exp Club
4610-61 POWE Rev Club
5610-61 POWE Exp Club
4620-62 PPO Rev Club
5620-62 PPO Exp Club
4980-98 NOBE Rev Club
5980-98 NOBE Exp Club
4990-99 Reboot Rev Club
5990-99 Reboot Exp Club
6020-02 McGill Baja Racing Rev Design Team
7020-02 McGill Baja Racing Exp Design Team
6030-03 McGill Concrete Canoe Rev Design Team
7030-03 McGill Concrete Canoe Exp Design Team
6040-04 McGill Electric Snowmobile Rev Design Team
7040-04 McGill Electric Snowmobile Exp Design Team
6050-05 McGill Formula SAE Rev Design Team
7050-05 McGill Formula SAE Exp Design Team
6060-06 McGill Electric Vehicle SAE Rev Design Team
7060-06 McGill Electric Vehicle SAE Exp Design Team
6070-07 McGill Robotics - Project 1 Rev Design Team
6071-07 McGill Robotics - Project 2 Rev Design Team
7070-07 McGill Robotics- Project 1 Exp Design Team
7071-07 McGill Robotics- Project 2 Exp Design Team
6090-09 McGill Chem-E Car Rev Design Team
7090-09 McGill Chem-E Car Exp Design Team
6300-30 McGill AERO Rev Design Team
7300-30 McGill AERO Exp Design Team
6310-31 McGill Rocket Team Rev Design Team
7310-31 McGill Rocket Team Exp Design Team
6320-32 McGill Bridge Building Rev Design Team
7320-32 McGill Bridge Building Exp Design Team
6340-34 MCGill 3D Printing Design Team Rev Design Team
7340-34 MCGill 3D Printing Design Team Exp Design Team
4920-92 ECSESS-Misc Rev ECSESS
4921-92 ECSESS-Clothing Rev ECSESS
4922-92 ECSESS-Food Rev ECSESS
4924-92 ECSESS-Beer Rev ECSESS
4925-92 ECSESS-Trips Rev ECSESS
5920-92 ECSESS-Dept Exp ECSESS
5921-92 ECSESS-Clothing Exp ECSESS
5922-92 ECSESS-Food Exp ECSESS
5923-92 ECSESS-Photocopy Exp ECSESS
5924-92 ECSESS-Beer Exp ECSESS
5925-92 ECSESS-Trips Exp ECSESS
4950-95 Materials-Misc Rev Materials
4951-95 Materials-Clothing Rev Materials
4952-95 Materials-Food Rev Materials
4954-95 Materials-Beer Rev Materials
4955-95 Materials-Trips Rev Materials
5950-95 Materials-Dept Exp Materials
5951-95 Materials-Clothing Exp Materials
5952-95 Materials-Food Exp Materials
5953-95 Materials-Photocopy Exp Materials
5954-95 Materials-Beer Exp Materials
5955-95 Materials-Trips Exp Materials
4930-93 MAME-Misc Rev Mechanical
4931-93 MAME-Clothing Rev Mechanical
4932-93 MAME-Food Rev Mechanical
4934-93 MAME-Beer Rev Mechanical
4935-93 MAME-Trips Rev Mechanical
5930-93 MAME-Dept Exp Mechanical
5931-93 MAME-Clothing Exp Mechanical
5932-93 MAME-Food Exp Mechanical
5933-93 MAME-Photocopy Exp Mechanical
5934-93 MAME-Beer Exp Mechanical
5935-93 MAME-Trips Exp Mechanical
4940-94 CMEUS-Misc Rev Mining
4941-94 CMEUS-Clothing Rev Mining
4942-94 CMEUS-Food Rev Mining
4944-94 CMEUS-Beer Rev Mining
4945-94 CMEUS-Trips Rev Mining
4947-94 CMEUS-Games Rev Mining
5940-94 CMEUS-Dept Exp Mining
5941-94 CMEUS-Clothing Exp Mining
5942-94 CMEUS-Food Exp Mining
5943-94 CMEUS-Beer Exp Mining
5945-94 CMEUS-Trips Exp Mining
5946-94 CMEUS-Photocopy Exp Mining
5947-94 CMEUS-Games Exp Mining
4090-09 SEAM (Sustainablity Chair) Rev President
5090-09 SEAM (Sustainablity Chair) Exp President
6101-10 EUS Equity Comissionner Rev President
7101-10 EUS Equity Commissioner Exp President
5586-58 President Exp President
5588-58 CRO Exp President
4010-01 EPTS Rev VP Academic
5010-01 EPTS Exp VP Academic
4160-16 Techfair Rev VP Academic
5160-16 Techfair Exp VP Academic
6210-21 EUSF Rev VP Academic
7210-21 EUSF Exp VP Academic
5581-58 VP Academic Exp VP Academic
4600-60 Tech Week Rev VP Academic
5600-60 Tech Week Exp VP Academic
4015-01 Activities Day Rev VP Admin
5015-01 Activities Day Exp VP Admin
4070-07 Blood Drive Rev VP Admin
5070-07 Blood Drive Exp VP Admin
4220-22 Council Rev VP Admin
5220-22 Council Exp VP Admin
5589-58 VP Admin Exp VP Admin
4800-80 Junior Council Rev VP Admin
5800-80 Junior Council Exp VP Admin
6065-06 Publications Director Rev VP Communications
7065-06 Publications Director Exp VP Communications
4380-38 Faucet Rev VP Communications
5380-38 Faucet Exp VP Communications
5381-38 Faucet Food Exp VP Communications
4390-39 Plumbers' Ledger Publication Rev VP Communications
5390-39 Plumbers' Ledger Publication Exp VP Communications
4420-42 Grad Committee Rev VP Communications
5420-42 Grad Committee Exp VP Communications
5430-43 Graphics Committee Exp VP Communications
4440-44 Handbook Rev VP Communications
5440-44 Handbook Exp VP Communications
4480-48 Iron ring Rev VP Communications
5480-48 Iron Ring Exp VP Communications
4640-64 Photo Rep Rev VP Communications
5640-64 Photo Rep Exp VP Communications
5650-65 Pipeline Exp VP Communications
4660-66 Plumbers' Ball Rev VP Communications
5660-66 Plumbers' Ball Exp VP Communications
5661-66 Plumbers' Ball Hotel Exp VP Communications
5662-66 Plumbers' Ball Awards Exp VP Communications
4680-68 InfoSys Rev VP Communications
5680-68 Infosys Exp VP Communications
5681-68 Infosys Telecom Exp VP Communications
4690-69 Publicom Rev VP Communications
4691-69 Plumbers' Station Rev VP Communications
5690-69 Publicom Exp VP Communications
5691-69 Plumbers' Station Exp VP Communications
4760-76 TeN Rev VP Communications
5760-76 TeN Exp VP Communications
5770-77 VP Comm Exp VP Communications
4830-83 Wine and Cheese Rev VP Communications
5830-83 Wine and Cheese Exp VP Communications
4840-84 Yearbook Rev VP Communications
5840-84 Yearbook Exp VP Communications
5850-85 Webpage Exp VP Communications
6120-12 MEC Lite Rev VP External
7120-12 MEC Lite Exp VP External
4170-17 CFES Rev VP External
4171-17 CFES Presidents' Meeting Rev VP External
5170-17 CFES Fees Exp VP External
5171-17 CFES Presidents' Meeting Exp VP External
5175-17 CFES Exp VP External
4185-18 QCESO Rev VP External
5180-18 QCESO Fees Exp VP External
5185-18 QCESO Exp VP External
4230-23 CEC Rev VP External
5230-23 CEC Exp VP External
4240-24 QEC Rev VP External
5240-24 QEC Exp VP External
4340-34 Engineering Games Rev VP External
5340-34 Engineering Games Exp VP External
4370-37 External Affairs Rev VP External
5370-37 External Affairs Exp VP External
5583-58 VP External Exp VP External
4700-70 MEC Rev VP External
5700-70 MEC Exp VP External
7100-10 Student Space Fund Long Term Exp VP Finance
5510-51 Student Space Fund Short Term-Exp VP Finance
5582-58 VP Finance Exp VP Finance
4590-59 OAP Rev VP Finance
5590-59 OAP Exp VP Finance
5591-59 OAP Beer Exp VP Finance
5592-59 OAP Food Exp VP Finance
5593-59 OAP Clothing Exp VP Finance
5594-59 OAP Entertainment Exp VP Finance
4780-78 OAP Lite Rev VP Finance
5780-78 OAP Lite Exp VP Finance
4080-08 Blues Pub Rev VP Internal
5080-08 Blues Pub Exp VP Internal
4190-19 Common Room Rev VP Internal
4191-19 Common Room-Pool Table Rev VP Internal
4192-19 Common Room-Foozball Table Rev VP Internal
4193-19 Common Room-Air Hockey Table VP Internal
4300-30 E-Week Rev VP Internal
4301-30 E-Week Clothing Rev VP Internal
5300-30 E-Week Exp VP Internal
5301-30 E-Week Beer Exp VP Internal
5302-30 E-Week Clothing Exp VP Internal
5303-30 E-Week Equip & Decor Exp VP Internal
4320-32 Volunteer Banquet Rev VP Internal
5320-32 Volunteer Banquet Exp VP Internal
4360-36 Engineering Adventure Com Rev VP Internal
5360-36 Engineering Adventure Com Exp VP Internal
4560-56 Frosh Rev VP Internal
4561-56 Frosh Kits Rev VP Internal
4562-56 Frosh Sponsorship Rev VP Internal
5560-56 Frosh Exp VP Internal
5561-56 Frosh Beer Exp VP Internal
5562-56 Frosh Mailing Exp VP Internal
5563-56 Frosh Food Exp VP Internal
5564-56 Frosh Clothing Exp VP Internal
5565-56 Frosh Equip & Decor Exp VP Internal
5566-56 Frosh Pub Crawl Exp VP Internal
5584-58 VP Internal Exp VP Internal
6700-70 EUS Social Rev VP Internal
7700-70 EUS Social Exp VP Internal
4740-74 Sports Rev VP Internal
4741-74 Flagball Rev VP Internal
4743-74 Broomball Rev VP Internal
4745-74 Soccer Rev VP Internal
4746-74 Touch Football Rev VP Internal
5740-74 Sports Exp VP Internal
5741-74 Flagball Exp VP Internal
5743-74 Broomball Exp VP Internal
5745-74 Soccer Exp VP Internal
5746-74 Touch Football Exp VP Internal
5747-74 Flagball Ref Exp VP Internal
5748-74 Broomball Ref Exp VP Internal
5749-74 Soccer Ref Exp VP Internal
6800-80 MERTW PubCrawl Rev VP Internal
7800-80 MERTW PubCrawl Exp VP Internal
4860-86 Ski Trip Rev VP Internal
5860-86 Ski Trip Exp VP Internal
5190-19 Common Room Exp VP Services
5191-19 Common Room Music Exp VP Services
5192-19 Common Room Equip Repair Exp VP Services
4210-21 Copi Eus-Daily Cash VP Services
4211-21 Copi Eus-Internal Acct Rev VP Services
4213-21 Copi Eus-McGill Acct Rev VP Services
4214-21 Copi Eus-SSMU Acct Rev VP Services
4215-21 Copi Eus-Lobby Copiers Rev VP Services
5210-21 Copi Eus Lease Exp VP Services
5211-21 Copi Eus Supplies Exp VP Services
5212-21 Copi Eus Wages Exp VP Services
5213-21 Copi Eus Service Exp VP Services
5215-21 Copi Eus Other Exp VP Services
5216-21 Copi Eus Telecom Exp VP Services
4410-41 Frostbite Rev VP Services
5410-41 Frostbite Exp VP Services
5411-41 Frostbite Salaries Exp VP Services
5412-41 Frostbite Ice Cream Exp VP Services
5413-41 Frostbite Supplies Exp VP Services
5414-41 Frostbite Renovations Exp VP Services
4490-49 Copi-EUS 3D Daily Cash Rev VP Services
5491-49 Copi Eus 3D Supplies Exp VP Services
5492-49 Copi Eus 3D Wages Exp VP Services
4520-52 Lockers Rev VP Services
5520-52 Lockers Exp VP Services
5585-58 VP Services Exp VP Services
4750-75 General Store Rev VP Services
4751-75 General Store Internal Acct Rev VP Services
5750-75 General Store Exp VP Services
5751-75 General Store Supplies Exp VP Services
5752-75 General Store Paraphernalia Exp VP Services
5753-75 General Store Food Exp VP Services
5754-75 General Store Newspapers Exp VP Services
5755-75 General Store Wages Exp VP Services