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How do I request a reimbursement for a purchase I made for my EUS Group? or How do I make a cheque req?

To request a cheque for a reimbursement you need to come to the EUS Office and fill out a cheque req form. These are the pink slips located next to the closet. A sign next to the slips has the instructions for filling it out. Anyone can request a cheque but a financial officer of your EUS Group has to approve it. The financial officers are normally the president/chair and the vp finance of your group.

What is the account number of my group?

Your account number is the unique number that identifies your account in the EUS internal accounting records. It is provided in the account book which is located in the EUS Office next to the closet.

When do I include tax on my cheque req?

Sales tax should only be included on the cheque req if the purchase was made in Quebec and the tax numbers are provided (see photo). In other words, the bill has TVQ/QST (Taxe de Vente du Québec/Quebec Sales Tax) and TPS/GST (Taxe sur les Produits et Services/Goods and Services Tax) on it.
An example of a receipt with tax break down and tax numbers

How do I deposit money into my EUS account?

Depositing money (cash or cheque) is done by a deposit envelope. These are located in the EUS Office next to the closet. There is also a small document taped to the wall with all the instructions on what to fill in each field of the deposit envelope. Once the envelope is filled out detach the pick sheet and give it to your financial officer. This copy is for your group's records. Remember that if you're depositing a cheque to attach either a copy of the cheque or the cheque stub to the first sheet of deposit slip. Once the envelope has been sealed place it in the drop safe located in the back right corner of the closet. Remember to turn the knob on the safe so the envelope actually enter it.

How do I transfer money from my EUS account to another group's?

To transfer money from one EUS Group's account to another simply fill out an internal account transfer request . These are the green slips located in the EUS Office next to the closet.